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Tips For Recruiting [Auto Typing]

I recruited for much of my career, however Club Penguin recruiting became popular towards the end of my prime so I never quite mastered it. Still, I learned some things from many people that I feel could be of use to the owners who don’t understand auto typing.

1. Load up the auto typer and enter the phrases: 

I found these phrases off of the staff site. [credit to whoever made them] This step is very obvious, except for one thing. Set your rate to around 9 or 10. If they enter to fast they can become too fast for younger viewers to read them or they may also get blocked out by Club Penguin’s filters.


Notice the rate is set at 9

2. Find a balanced server

You want to find a server that is decently busy, but not over-crowded. If it is over-crowded you will likely be banned before you can really get underway. I recommend 4-5 bars that don’t seem to be on the brink of becoming full.

Busy, but not crowded

3. Timing is key

Some people choose to start it whenever they go AFK for an extended period of time. This is okay and will usually have success in some sort, however it isn’t the best way to auto type. The technique I’ve seen create the most success is to start it and stop it every 10 to 15 minutes to check up on your progress. Make sure that what you are saying and where you are recruiting is working and also make sure another soldier is helping the new recruits understand what they need to do.

4. Membering isn’t as simple as clicking the button

The chat is vital for new recruits to understand the army. The chat is embedded on the home page, but that doesn’t mean they will have direct communication to the chat. What you will notice is that many new recruits struggle to actually communicate with soldiers because they are nulls whenever they first log on to the chat. The key to that is simple. [If you aren’t sure if someone is a null, click on their user and see if their name has numbers in their ID or not. If there are none, it is a null]

All you have to do to overcome this problem is private message a new user and tell them to type anything in the box at the bottom that says ‘Type Here” and then press enter. All you can do at this point is wait and hope they get the message. I recommend offering a tutorial either above or below each embedded chat on the website as well.

I have tested this method and all of it works. 🙂

5. Teach them thoroughly

Never simply member a new recruit and leave them to wonder what to do. Ask them if they want to join and if they say yes, be proactive and make sure they understand everything they need to do. Take your time and be patient. If you cram everything into their head at once, they will likely feel uncomfortable and leave. Get them to comment on the join page first, then work your way through everything that needs to be done from there.

6. Get them on the join page

If you are an editor, make sure that any and all recruits who comment on the join page get added to the ranks page. The ranks page isn’t as essential as it was once and it’s meaning has been devalued, but in the eyes of a new recruit, it means everything. It defines them as a soldier and lets them know if they are truly in the army or not. Take care of that!

If you aren’t an editor, simply ask an editor or admin to add any recruit you’ve achieved.


Hopefully with all these tips you at least have a general idea of how to recruit. Remember, one recruit a day can make a huge difference. 7 new troops over a week can create an unexpected wise, but imagine 28 every month? The army would grow bigger and bigger, however I am positive we can manage more than just one a day if everyone recruits.

Recruiting means nothing if we can’t keep them loyal to the army. We have to make sure all the recruits are having fun, feel safe and comfortable and understand that they are vital to the success of this entire army.

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