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Introducing Buritodaily

Hello, my name is Buritodaily and today I joined the Underground Mafias Army for the rank of second in command. If you care to learn more about your newest commander, read on.

I am a recognized leader and legend in the army community. Nearly all of my accomplishments came in the legendary Army of the Republic, which I led for about 3 and a half years on and off. I retired a few months before the final death of the army and remained retired and unincorporated in armies for about 5 months.

I decided to join UMA out of sheer boredom and the fact that I liked UMA and had many friends as higher ranking individuals in this army who work very hard to try and make it as best as possible. I decided I’d help because why not? Instead of listing my accomplishments in armies to further glorify my legacy so everyone will bow down to me, I thought I’d do something a little more humble and just listen some things that the soldiers may want to know about me.

  • As a leader, I am typically a friendly guy. If you have questions to ask or want to talk to me, I’m usually available.
  • Sometimes I am very talkative on chat, but a lot of times I seem to be AFK. I am probably busy working on a post, recruiting, or dealing with something else so don’t take offense if I seem to be off in my own world.
  • My Club Penguin username is Gannon. Buritodaily was banned a little more than a year ago. RIP Buritodaily. 😦
  • I have a tendency to get irritated a little too easily when soldiers severely slack off or struggle to do their jobs. I promise to never completely rage at anyone, (Mostly because I am only a 2ic) but for the better of the army… please contribute!
  • I make loads of typos. Expect it.

That is all I really have to say about myself. If anyone wants to talk or has questions don’t be afraid to private chat me and learn more about me.

Message to Owners: I am going to leave a more formal response to my newly received rank over on the staff site. It will be filled with tips and advice or problems I see, as well as being focused on the skills I can provide in the ownership.

Fight The Bad

9 Responses

  1. Welcome aboard 🙂

  2. welcome (:

  3. Burr is in UMA, gg LT

    • Maybe or maybe not, But Burr is a very good leader and I respect what he has accomplished, So waterkid won’t have it easy(not saying it was easy before he joined)

  4. I’m not in LT anymore I have been retired for awhile now, I am just an advisor and I just wander sites that have stuff interesting going on


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