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Diminishing The Light


I am disappoint, LT.

“When the filament light bulb is on, we feel heat and see white light. When UMA enters the room, that light bulb fuses out.”

Today’s battle today was nothing to laugh at (and yet I can’t stop myself from doing just that). I don’t even think this can be considered a battle due to the sheer amount of stupidity that was brushed off by the LT administration. All the LT did was run and retreat. And when all else failed, they decided to run to their Igloos and hide in the box dimension where they thought they were safe.

  1. The Light Troops thought that it would be absolutely amusing to give us the run around by swapping rooms whenever we entered them which quickly backfired when they grew tired of moving
  2. They hardly did any tactics and could barely sustain a decent size
  3. They went onto further to embarrass themselves in battle by saying “yellow need help” in an effort to attract rouges

Here are the pictures.












Good job, UMA.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent job today UMA. You have once again proven your superiority, not that it was ever questioned.


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