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Throwing Back


While I throw back another cold one I’ll be spitting logic in the face of those who lack it.

Today was a rather confusing battle. I wasn’t so sure if I was facing either Light Troops, or the Pirates. When we started to log on nobody was there at the time which meant that we maintained the moral high ground against the Light Troops. The tides suddenly turned in which they started to login to try to bring us down a few levels. After a short period of time we noticed that half of the people who logged on for the Light Troops were either Waterkid’s puppets, the Pirates, or some of his SWAT cronies. Either way we continued on through the battle in which we started to spearhead them. After a few minutes we were sitting there until the LT decided to retreat from the Town, we later found out that they had all hidden in their igloos. This was clearly an elaborate ploy to get us to log off – sadly it didn’t work.

Another thing that made us laugh is that they accused us of multilogging. I find this strange because no other army we have faced in the past has accused us of multilogging. Why does this have to change when we’re fighting the army who is renowned for multilogging? This is rather ironic if you ask me. Waterkid’s hypocrisy gets the better of him.

SWAT: Silly SWAT, aiding Light Troops won’t help your case. Your crimes against the UMA will not go unnoticed, I can guarantee you that. Your disrespectful actions are out of order and you had no right to interfere in a battle that you weren’t involved in. This just goes to show that you will do anything to kill us, which won’t be happening anytime soon because we’re spitting krypotonite all over your cabooses.  Ganger/Fort- you’re a natural coward. I can see why you helped the LT in todays battle. Because you didn’t get your piece of war during the UMA/SWAT war. I think you’re paranoid about what is going to come to you. I mean it’s an eye for an eye, right dear?

Pirates: I’m tired of going back and forth with you. Especially you, Andrew. I used to respect you as both a friend and leader but that all changed when you thought that it would be ideal to jump into Waterkid’s back pocket. I’m going to kindly ask you to stop aiding your little friends in this war. I don’t want allies, and I’m sure deep down you don’t.


One Response

  1. Not sure if it’s LT… Or CPPA and Waterkid’s multilog account….


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