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How to Auto-Type

Hello UMA,

I will be showing you how an auto-typer work and how it helps bring new soldiers to our army! 

Auto-typers type for you automatically so they come in handy when you are busy or sleeping in real life so once you start an auto-typer it will continuously keep typing the lines you’ve added in it. That means you wont be able to use your computer so it is highly recommended when you go to sleep or you go away from keyboard you should put it on and stop it when you are back.

We UMA use the auto-typer to bring in new soldiers from club penguin everyday while going to sleep you all must leave your auto-typer on sleet or a famous server now in the auto-typer we write lines which would attract other players we would say “Find UMA command” and phrases like that which would make the player understand what you are talking about. I personally suggest sleet or flurry as there are lots of veterans on sleet it makes it easier to understand for them.

That is how we use the auto-typer but one important thing you should keep in mind is that when you log on to your account on club penguin and start auto-typing you have a chance of being banned that is why you must always use an account which you certainly DO NOT wish to play with. You can make many club penguin accounts fast with the help of http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html 

You can download the auto-typer here: http://www.garyshood.com/rsclient/

Now once you open it you will get this menu

Click on the auto-typer and this should pop up

Now it is pretty simple there is nothing complicated about it, all you do is click on the “Add” tab which will allow you write what you want your typer to type also make sure the message rate is set to about 5-6 seconds cause that is usually the amount of time a speech bubble stays on club penguin.

Do not touch the “Text Colour” or “Text Effect” buttons make sure it is set to “None” as shown in the pic above this auto-typer was invented for a different virtual world game but it is very popular and is used on club penguin as well so do not be confused by those extra things on there. Whenever you go to sleep put it on and press “F12” and have a nice long sleep when you wake back up press “F12” again and it will stop.

That is how you auto-type make sure to do it every night and it will benefit the army a lot!

(PC me on UMA chat if you would like to get all the lines for auto-typing for security reasons I have not written them here).



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