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RE: "RE: Daniel and Wgfv"

Well to be fair, I wasn’t going to post today since I have exams and all. But again, I am going to pull my caboose to the dashboard of UMA’s website and click the “post” button and respond to my dearest friend, Coolster.

Also, if you’re going to reply to this, could you make the title: “RE: RE: “RE: Daniel and Wgfv” – I want this to be like a Carry On film.

You caught me on a good day Coolster, because I’m going to lay down my platter of cards neatly, hopefully this time you’ll stay inside of your shell. But we shall see, my friend.

Let’s get something straight – your lies won’t work here. You didn’t even lead when Max led alongside me in February/March, and if you did it would’ve only been for a week since he resigned around the time you returned. I went inactive due to exams in April and unfortunately after that the UK division declined. The truth is, you barely led with me before I left. You’ve not had much of an impact on the UK division this year, apart from that one week when Zak started leading.

My lies won’t work where? On your website? Of course they won’t Coolster because I think the majority of the people know that you won’t allow anything to speak out. And actually you are correct, I came back for the final week in which Max was here, but even he, the UK division head will admit that you did hardly anything as UK leader. Now here is where things get interesting because you know that what you just stated about the UK Division declining due to you having exams is false. The UK Division declined when WE BOTH went inactive, because they had no mainframe to hold them together. So I don’t know where you pulled that from, Coolster.

Moving on to the latter part of your paragraph, when I mentioned, “Haste for stardom”, it was a reference to the fame and glory that you want for YOURSELF, not the army. That was blatant, so please don’t act illiterate when you really aren’t.

Are you trying to psychoanalyze me or something, Coolster? Because if you are then it really isn’t working. And how do I want fame? If I wanted fame I would be declaring war on bigger armies and getting first-page CPAC news. Am I doing that? I don’t think so. I don’t know where you’re getting all of these statements from, because you’re honestly blinded by your own lies, and for that I honestly feel sorry for you. The fact you can’t wake up and see through that glass that I’m about to shatter.

Nobody else in power but myself? I’m sorry if it’s not clear from my PC’s to your fellow leaders, but I’ll only be leading the UMA on an interim basis. And I think it’s you who’s not wanted here, just by looking at the state of your ‘army’. On another note, I was a BIG noob in 2011, as we all know.

I’m not wanted here? Coolster, you’re one to talk. And if I recall correctly, you once said to me that “past actions are inexcusable”, which is why I’m not excusing your “big noob” excuse.

Talking about coup d’etats, let’s look at your own history. This is the first civil war that I have launched since 2011, but it’s one of many I’ve fought in. Guess what? It’s always been you and Wgfv creating the rebellions. I particularly remember the one caused by Wg in 2012, when the UMA was in the Top Five – there was no reason for that. There’s also the one that you, Daniel, were involved in, after the Red Summer was over, when you practically almost killed the army by going against the leaders who were in power. Furthermore, in 2013, you both partook in the rebellion against me and Talex, although the UMA were a consistent Top Ten army at the time.

This one I can debunk with PRECISION. If I recall correctly both you and Benjarkin were in power when Coff, Paco, Sarge couped you. I went against you because you banished me for absolutely no reason, which stood grounds for revenge. I think you deserved everything you got when you were kicked out of power, and now you’re trying to get back at both Wg and myself for what we did. Want to know something? It won’t work.

Err.. Thank you for re-iterating my point. If you didn’t bother to read the statement you quoted, I highlighted the fact that the UMA has been stable for the past 12 months. In spite of this, it has been unable to achieve much success. In past years, we were dragged down by the constant rebellions caused by YOU and Wgfv, which was why we were out of many Top Tens. Now, however, there is no excuse for failure since, prior to the recent events, there wasn’t a rebellion for over a year. You can avoid the points I make however much you like, but it won’t conceal the truth, Eyes.

I was struggling to understand your rough logic. So now you’re saying that UMA has been stable for the past 12 months? Of course, it’s been stable Coolster, but you fail to realize that you keep saying whenever you come into chat that UMA hasn’t been stable at all. I really think that you need to make up your mind because you’re starting to confuse everybody. No, we were out of the Top Tens due to your melodramatic tendencies, what are you? A ballerina? As for avoiding the points, how am I avoiding them when I’m replying to you?

In his post, Eyes went on further with his manipulation. When I get the time, I will respond to the remainder of his post, though much of what he goes on to say has already been answered here. Nevertheless, the reality is there for everyone to see – the regime of the other ‘UMA’ has been failing for the past 8-10 weeks but not much has been done. All they do is post long, boring posts. Why did they not spend all that time and effort on improving the army? This proves their incompetence, and bolsters the reasons as to why we rebelled.

No, I didn’t go on to manipulate Coolster, I went on to show everybody that when you strike out against people like myself, you will only receive a bite on your hands that won’t be removed easily. “When you get the time” – It would literally take you 5 minutes or less to spin up some lie about me. You’re also one to talk of incompetence when you fail to keep your owners on a steady leash. 😉

And just for extra taste, I thought I would add that Coolster coined himself “interim emperor” of UMA, yet he wants equality? Checkmate logic.



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