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A Letter to His "Majesty" of UMA

This posts serves as my response to what you have claimed.

  1. The decline in size was caused by UMA that quit UMA and perused their own armies such is the case with you and Loot.
  2. I haven’t retired because if I had UMA would have completely died. I unlike most other people do not quit the army I love if it is on the verge of dying.
  3. A lack of transparency? Really? Coolster you and Daniel have been feuding the better part of a week. TIME AFTER TIME I have sued for peace between you. I have yelled at Daniel time and time again to work things out. I have offered you a seat here after everything you did. And you know what? I STILL OFFER YOU THAT PEACE. If you were to rejoin today I would not hold it again you.
  4. My “lack of success” is because I was at a boarding school. I tried to keep UMA as strong as I could when the veterans like you and Loot ABANDONED UMA for high ranks in other armies.
  5. Banishment of other leaders? I REVOKED ALL BANISHMENT OVER A WEEK AGO.
  6. I have very low respect for people that leave UMA when it is in peril, such as the case for what you have created.
  7. My Democratic UMA is a dictatorship, says the man who styles himself “emperor.”

Coolster, this isn’t about UMA, it’s about your personal feud with Daniel. Time and time again I have worked to create a UMA we can all be proud of. On your chat you have nothing but petty army hoppers. WORK WITH ME TO RESTORE UMA. END THIS MADNESS. I have sought peace today only to be rejected by you. Who is the real tyrant?

I ask that you end this and work for a better and more united UMA.


One Response

  1. Well said, we should be working TOGETHER for a better UMA, not against one another.


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