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Restructuring of the State

Hello UMA,

For those of you reading this, you know that this administration is currently working on a reform packet that includes the following: new graphics, new owner staff, and most importantly, a new government system. I am here today to discuss my plan for how this government would operate. So bare with me as this has never been done before.

The Republic of Umannia


Lower House

This parliament would consist of two houses. The lower house will be comprised of 5 elected people. These people will also be the moderators on chat. The Members of Parliament (MP) would then select a Premier. Elections for this would happen on the first of every month. To become this all you would have to do is note your intention to do so on a post that would come every month.

Qualifications are rather simple. All you have to do is be able to prove that you have been in the UMA longer than one month. This will not be a requirement for the FIRST election

 Things that the Lower House can do:

  • Select Premier.
  • Declare war.
  • Depose a sitting Premier(with approval of Upper House).
  • Make treaties.
  • Override a Premier.

Upper House

The Upper House is less powerful. It is made up Veterans of the UMA. They will be moderators on chat. To become a member the Upper House one has to be voted in by other members of Upper House only. The first 3 members will be selected by the Premier and then approved by the Lower House. These positions are not re-elected.

 Things that the Upper House can do:

  • Elect new members to the Upper House.
  • Ratify the impeachment of an MP or Premier


The Premier is selected by the Lower House. Only one person may be Premier at a time. To be appointed a simple majority is needed. Premiers may be thrown out of office .

 Things that the Premier can do:

  • Ask for a declaration of war.
  • Schedule invasions (with approval of Declaration of War) and defenses.
  • Appoint military leaders.
  • Arrange military (approval not needed from Parliament.)
  • Arrange for cease fires if the army is at war.

Voting – Overview

Elections are again rather simple. On the first day of every month a post will be made asking whether or not one has the intention of doing the job. On the third day of the month an election will be posted. If 7 people exactly or less have cited their intention to run then elections will be skipped and they will be inaugurated on fifth day of the month. If more than 7 have cited their intention then a run off election will happen (this means that the 7 with the MOST votes will be elected). If a tie occurs the Upper House will break the tie.

How to Vote

Every month a post will be made in which you may nominate anyone you wish from the army that is eligible. When voting time comes all you have to do is arrange who you want from MOST TO LEAST. So for example:

Person 1 – 7 Points

Person 2 – 6 Points

Person 3 – 5 Points

Person 4 – 4 Points

Person 5 – 3 Points

Person 6 – 2 Points

Person 7 – 1 Point

Everyone’s votes will be added and then on the fifth day of the month it will be released.

 Some other Notes:

  • You can me a member of Parliament and still be an owner rank in the army.
  • You can only be in ONE house at a time.
  • Daniel and I will be provisional dictators until the first election ends.



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  1. Sounds good.


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