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Giving Up Just isn't an Option

Hello, UMA. It is I, Lild. I post today, because I’ve noticed that people have given up on UMA, and you know what I have to say to them is? You are all, and I mean this, idiots. Please, have your parents test you, don’t even think I’m kidding, because I am honest to god not. You think this is our worst depression? Oh boy, you must not have followed UMA until recently, because there sure as hell have been worse times. Do you not know about the Alfy Era? Do you not know the first Harv era? Did you not follow us in the last 4 months of 2011? I sure as hell do, and this, this is nothing. 2014 is supposed to “The Year of the Mafias”, and believe me, it will be, because I’m not going to back down until it is. UMA is, if I’m not mistaken, the second or third oldest army in this community, but we’re performing like an SMAC, sorry, SMAP is the new craze, army now. This is UNACCEPTABLE, we are UMA, the most storied and legendary army in CP army history. We will not be a stick in the mud, we won’t be the shit you step in, we will be the German Shepherd who will bite you in the ass if you fuck with our land, because we are UMA, and we don’t take shit from no one, absolutely no one. Now, to all the people who think we aren’t going to bounce back, get ready, because you’re our motivation. UMA is officially back, and trust me, we’re not going away.

~Lild, your leader in a few weeks.


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