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❗ Read Wg’s post below

As you’re all aware, Summer is just around the corner. And in preparation for summer, we’re going to need a few things to make our list perfect. I  have already spoken to the people I need to speak to, and they’re perfectly fine doing the jobs that they’ve been placed in. PC me on chat if you have any queries.

Just need to clear up on a few things

  1. [UMA isn’t dead]: – You may think that UMA has slipped so far down the slope that we’ve spun into the final form of a Hypernova, but you’re wrong. UMA has and always will be alive. Now, as you’re aware, the sophomoric leaders of SWAT think that it’s more than acceptable to strike us when we’re rebuilding our task force. No worries, because you’re claiming land that is long outdated and no longer owned by us. The SWAT leaders seem to think they’re safe, they are wrong. They are totally wrong, and I used emphasis on totally which means that the UMA hand will bite back when we’re at full force again. Hear that, SWAT? Yeah, shitstorm is about to go down.
  2. [Site Renovation/Graphics]: – An old friend told me that he would gladly redesign our website for free, in which my reply to him was filled with exotic rainbow text that you probably wouldn’t believe. I request that if any of you see Panties/Panthers on chat that you ask him to get into contact with either Wg or I, so we can one, replace his panties, and two, sort out what we’re going to need on the website itself come summer time.
  3. [Hiring Owners]: – We have our fabulous Neos joining us soon, and even though I love him to pieces, he isn’t enough to fill up our owner line. So here’s the deal, if you’re a younger/older owner looking for an army to join, and you actually have some experience, then I advise that you come and see me in the chat.

Also, I would like to tell SWAT that using black and white World War 2 GIFs makes you look like a CassisBrutus, and hey, look at me jotting down insults as if Cas is being used as an insult, who knew?

Oh, and heres a quick message to SWAT:

You will learn your place, I can assure you. You’re masquerading behind synthetic agendas that will amount to nothing. And when I say nothing I actually mean an ashen trail of garbage that will eventually make you pay the ultimate price. I promise you this, I am a man of his word. Ganger, you know that I keep my word. And while my army may not be able to fight SWAT at this current stage, that doesn’t stop me from invading during our strongest point, summer. So be prepared. Also, heres a song that I think you will enjoy.

By the way, it’s good to be back.


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