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SWAT, it is clear you have picked on UMA during its weakest point. And while you can come back with the “you did the same to us” – we truly didn’t, if anything, you were fully capable of defending your nation, while UMA are not. And yes, I stand here broken and shattered, not only because you have decided to invade UMA for your own selfish agendas, but because you picked on us while we were weak, and that is something a real sportsman wouldn’t do.

Although, you are not cheering just yet. Let me go over a couple of things as to why we declared war on you in the first place, and I’m sure that my posts back then will back up every word what I’m about to say. You weren’t weak, you were capable of defending your servers, we are not. We originally invaded you because of that time you invaded UMA when we were at an even lower point than we currently are now. Judging by the way you’re approaching this war, Starz has sunken into his old ways and utilized this whole vendetta against UMA and pushed it onto other SWAT soldiers as if we are something that should be purged.

You must look at my previous posts to see the truth in my words, SWAT. How much can UMA take from the wild farce that SWAT has caused? How much can we take? We cannot take it. Would you like to see us crumble? Would you like to see us fuse into an ashen trail so dark that we get sucked into a nebula of no return? I don’t know the answer to this, but judging by your post you clearly have had a vendetta against myself and UMA for a very long time, and now you’re taking action.

You must be sitting there, uncaring that UMA is crumbling beneath our very feet. So why must you continue to cause pain to the people of UMA by marching onto our land and ridding us of the only pride that we have left? Are you that selfish and greedy that you will cannot accept that we are incapable of defending? I fear that your only motivation for this war is based on something that happened a while ago, and your sole belief is that we attacked you when you were down, this is not true. I hope you realize the pointlessness in invading us, because right now UMA is in tatters.

Now here is where I succumb to Ganger and the SWAT leaders.

Sorry for invading you during your ‘weak period’.

Sorry for the strife caused within your empire by pointing out everything wrong with you.

Sorry for lashing out against you and pointing out your bouts of rage.

Sorry for going over your rough logic, and last but not least. I am sorry for insulting my friends over in SWAT.

I am really sorry SWAT.

You can insult me all you like, you can call me a coward, a quitter, whatever, but the reality of this is your declaration of war is based on unethical values, and it will always be that way.

2 Responses

  1. wow,and we arent weak!!


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