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Right now I’m sitting in my chair, rocking back and forth trying to think of something that could possibly reunite this army as a whole. But I don’t think it’s working, I don’t think that even the most logical minded person could think of something right now, because lets face the facts UMA. You have gotten lazy, and that is something you all want to avoid. I’ve already taken into consideration that you have school, and that you can hardly be active, but I just want to point out a few things.

Surely you can fit UMA into your ‘busy’ schedule. I mean, just take a look at Wg and I, UMA is on our schedule and we’re here after school hours. So why can’t you?

From now on, things will change. I’m not going to be “Mr nice guy” to any of you. You’re clearly all incapable of recruiting, and show no sign of interest. So here’s what I’m doing. I’m demoting people, and only then will I dish out new rules for our owner ranks.

 Supreme Commander [2] 

Wgfv***, Daniel***

 Commander [2] 

 Niceguy09**, Drone2016[Step]**, 

 Colonels of the US Division [2] 

Alina, Ryan,

Colonels of the UK Division [2]


 Colonels of the AUSIA Division [2] 

Cubbytcub, Cheedu1

Owner Responsibilities 

Supreme Commander [Wgfv & Daniel] The supreme commanders of the army are the ones who make important decisions, leading battles, site maintenance, recruiting and keeping everything under control. 

Commander [Niceguy & Step] Leads battles, helps in decision-making, join comments, site maintenance, informs the soldiers of events on chat, recruiting.

Colonels of the US Division [Alina & Ryan] Leads battles if no other is on, join comments, informs the soldiers when the events are, chat/CP recruiting (optional).

Colonels of the AUSIA Division  [Cubbytcub & Cheedu]  Leads battles if no other leaders are present, helps in decision-making, join comments, site maintenance.


Inform soldiers of new events, by linking, keep the chat active and don’t allow it to go idle, moderate language and chat itself, help members who are struggling to lead.


Check the site frequently, active on chat, comment and arrive at scheduled events, help struggling members.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you WILL be fired. I cannot stress enough how important this is, I honestly cannot. You have no idea how bad UMA is doing currently, and we need everybody to pull up their pants and work.

And another thing.

No Cussing Rule

This rule will be put into effect whenever new recruits arrive onto our chatroom, any complaining from retirees will result in a forever banishment from the chat. Let this be a clear message, because I’m beyond caring about what you want, and more about what we want.



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