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The Truth – EVENT TODAY!

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I’d appreciate if you would give me feedback, as scrolling past this would only make you look like an ignorant plebian.

My mother once told me if you want to avoid struggle, pluck the petals before somebody else plucks them. You can laugh, that’s alright, I laughed too when she first said it to me. This rose represents the guiding light and deadly laser in our hectic, army. You see, UMA has long-lost its place in the spotlight for a multitude of reasons. I won’t make excuses, I am a bad leader for letting UMA slip this far down the slope, it comes to something when you’re all devoid of wanting to rebuild this army. I’m sorry if I put it in a different context than I originally planned, but it’s true. Can you name the last time that we actually had a decent event? Neither can I, but let me be frank with you all right now. I am sick and tired of devoting my time to an army that will not work to become more than an ashen trail that clearly is being dragged across a desert plain. We are not banal, we are not hunched over in dogmatic wires, we are the Underground Mafias Army.

This post isn’t to make you give myself or my comrades an iota guilt or sympathy. It’s the complete opposite, because we do not deserve your tears canned up and sent to us. The only tears we take are from our enemies, that we so eloquently perch over our fireplace of red lava. Keep your focus on the lava. Do you see this lava? I don’t. Right now the lava is sparked out, how are we going to stop it from sparking out? I don’t know – I don’t know because you’re the only one who can answer that. I don’t know because I’m past my prime and I’m merely standing on the sidelines trying so hard to pick up UMA. 

I understand UMA’s drop is caused by school. I would rather you get an education, but I would still like it if you had just a little time for UMA. That’s why I schedule events for the weekend. This is not to say that education is your enemy and you shouldn’t go to school, let me be blunt on that before I have a bunch of critics chasing me around on one of those CPACmobiles.

We are going to rebuild UMA. We are just undergoing some slight adjustments. But let me tell you something right now, our existence will forever be encoded into the infinite repertoire of beautiful, byte-sized sequences, safely housed in a cloud for all to observe. 

But don’t mistake me for giving up just yet, because this is only the start.


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