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Let UMA Rage on

Hello, UMA.

Now that I’ve finally decided to clean up the act of UMA, I thought I’d change numerous things. One of which is our ranking system. I am sure that you have seen our ownership ranks and I won’t lie to you, I am less than galvanized. We are going to be demoting those owners who we believe are all talk and no game, which basically means those who talk about making UMA stable, but don’t do anything to help. Now onto the main topic, which is about starting a fresh.

Recently the Underground Mafias Army has undergone a drastic change; we have fallen from the top ten and aren’t currently able to climb back to the top. I ask myself this over and over again, and I cannot seem to find an answer. But let me tell you something right now, I’m not giving up, and neither are you. As you are aware people have been trying out autotyping, and by the looks of that no progress has been seen. I cannot stress enough how important recruiting is, and I know I go over this a multitude of times, but we really need to pick up our act.

Chat Recruiting

By the looks of things, this is the only option we have left. Let’s be pragmatic here, we are not benefitting from autotyping at all, yes, I will admit that we have had one or two recruits that have found us, but chat recruiting suits us more. We have always been the type of army that chat recruits and I will not venerate to these modern day recruiting guides that clearly don’t work. It’s impotent and doesn’t leave UMA smelling like roses, and that is something I do want – UMA is smelling like roses, constantly. If you wish to learn to chat recruit then I highly suggest that you head over to our recruiting page where you can see a detailed guide on how to pull in recruits.

5 Day Plan

The 5 Day Plan was created on by Wgfv in an attempt to rebuild UMA, as it went into a spiraling fall. The whole point of this was to show everybody, including the community, that the UMA was not dead and that we were capable of coming back. We know that UMA is prone to a slight dip, but it’s not only us, let’s take Night Warriors for example. When Vendetta left them, they fell into a depression that lasted for weeks, and even when he came back they were beyond repair. But it’s different – we can be repaired, we just need a few screws and a hammer.

Here are the events


Date: Thursday, April 25th

Server(s): Flurry/Tundra


❗ 7:00PM GMT

❗ 3:00PM EST

❗ 2:00PM CST

:!: 1:00PM MST

❗ 12:00PM PST



Date: Friday, 25th April

Server: Flurry/Tundra


❗ 11:00PM GMT

❗ 7:00 PM EST

❗ 6:00 PM CST

❗ 5:00 PM MST

❗ 4:00 PM PST ❗

Now let us begin with what we should have started a long time ago. I am sick of going back and forth, one minute we rise and the second minute we fall. This will change, and those people who don’t decide that they want to help will be fired. I’m sorry it’s come to the sudden change of heart, but I want efficiency for UMA, and efficiency is what UMA will get.

Daniel and Wgfv


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