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Weaving our Name into Nachos

UMA, I won’t stand idly by as the Nachos continue to ridicule our name. And you know I’m a very patient person, but they’ve rocked my boat for far too long. I understand I have some good friends inside of the Nachos, but I’m putting that aside for this war, so from now on, you’re all my enemies. I am sure that the Nachos remember invading us some time back, and then claiming this war was over. Get close to me, just so you can levitate on my level and listen to what I’m about to say: We’re not done with you. We are going to be fighting on equal terms, unless of course the cat tank runs out of fuel.

It’s a real shame, because I was recently going to purchase some maracas, I guess I’m just going to have to steal yours and throw them in the trash.

Click “Read More” for the Invasions of the Nacho Empire.

Invasion of Fjord [US MUST ATTEND]

Date: Monday 21st April

❗ 7:00 PM GMT ❗

❗ 2:00 PM EST ❗

❗ 1:00 PM CST ❗

❗ 12:00 PM MST ❗

❗ 11:00 AM PST ❗


Invasion of Blizzard [UK MUST ATTEND]

Date: Monday 21st April

2:00 PM MST

3:00 PM CST

4:00 PM EST

9:00 PM GMT


Invasion of  Alaska [UK EVENT]

Date: Tuesday 22nd April

❗ 3:00 PM EST

❗ 2:00 PM CST 

❗ 1:00 PM MST 

❗ 12:00 PM PST

❗ 8:00 PM GMT


Invasion of Alpine [US EVENT]

Date: Tuesday 22nd April

❗ 8:00 PM EST

:!:7:00 PM CST

❗ 6:00 PM MST

❗ 5:00 PM PST

❗ 1:00 AM GMT


This new venture should be riveting, I mean, who doesn’t want to fight an army made of food? After all, they are a mouth-watering cuisine. UMA, I must make it clear that these are events must be attended by everybody. For the first invasion, the UK is excused. And for the second, I’m expecting all divisions to attend.

Oh, and Beeky, this is for you:



Our servers are back

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