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inb4 influx of rage

I apologize to UMA for causing such a dramatic scene.

Porous wastes of rotting brain cells dimming down the lights, hey, you guys know Samra and Jessie, right? Well, if you do then you have surely heard about all of the trifling blarney that has occurred over the past few days/weeks. I’ll try to narrow everything down, and point out flaws in their inconsistent spouts. The continuing vulgar slurs have grown to be not only an annoyance to both myself and other people, but I’m sure that when Samra and Jessie close their eyes all they see is their constant blubbering online, a cry for attention that cannot be heard due to the sheer fact, they are being chased by barons Kryptonite through a field of cows that want to topple them like towers crashing into an ashen pile of cheerios. 

Rampant text dialogs, immoderate laughter being used as a scapegoat to cover up the fact that they aren’t serious, and imprudent angsty teenagers who use the Internet as a platform to lay down their insults like a deck of Pokémon cards. I think most of us have already come to terms that both Jessie and Samra have a split personality, and I’ll tell you what traits they have that differ from the bright side, and the dark side that seems to only kick in when they skulk around with the wrong people. I’ll use cyberbullying as an example, let me gaze back and remember the time when both Jessie and Samra used to continuously defend younger people when they saw that they were being “cyberbullied” by other users, what changed? I honestly don’t know what changed, but I’ll try and lay down a podium that will find a way to bounce back at what I’ve implied. I’ve seen Samra exonerate people on a chat before when they’ve insulted somebody younger, and honestly, if you look at this whole palaver she’s caused you wouldn’t think she’s a goody-two shoes.

Let’s move onto Jessie. Yes, yes, we both know what will happen here. Jessie will just laugh it off as if it doesn’t faze her, when it actually does, more than people think. Although she sometimes plays the role of the vile fiend, Jessie isn’t all that bad. I used to be pretty close to her before she turned all stale and putrid, but do you want to know what changed and why? I’ll go in-depth, but don’t expect any pit-stops. Jessie has a tendency to insult people when she’s around certain people. Waterkid is one, Samra is another, Freezie, Spi, and many other individuals in this godforsaken community. Whenever she is around somebody who is calm, she flows like a silent sea wave with no interruptions, but when she’s around people who like to point out flaws in others, it’s a totally different story. You’ll obviously be reading this post and claim my bouts of irrational implications are enough to put me in a hollow-ditch and for you to never speak to me again, but I don’t really care. You’ve crossed the line and it’s about time somebody calls you out on it.

You want to know something? You can laugh all you want, but do you want to know something? You’re disgusting. You’re both one of the reasons why this community is falling apart, piece by piece. My only question is; Why do you find pleasure in penalizing people just to suit your own ends? Is it because you think you’re some super Saiyan level 100 master warlock? I think you’ll find that, behind the computer screen, there isn’t just a virtual pixel sitting in a chair, there is a young girl or young child sitting there, but I’m sure that you don’t know this considering your both really uneducated. I just think that you both need to sit down with your parents and tell them about your 100% Internet reputation that you seem to be keeping on lock at this current time.

I’m not going to sit here and put up with your incoherent text dialogs, because that’s bad enough to lower someones IQ. But I think you have to see sense, perhaps you could both sit down in a room together and figure it all out. Or perhaps you could disable your caps lock and type like a normal person instead of typing in all caps just to grab peoples attention. I think everybody, including myself, can evidently see that you only use caps in an argument to make yourself look like you’re standing on a 20ft podium with a rubber sword, repeatedly smashing the person you’re virtually bashing over the head. But do you want to know something? When you try to bash someone like me over the head with your rubber sword, and spout your level 100 warlock dialogs, it doesn’t bother me. Do you know why? Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you do. But when it comes to the end of the day, you’ll never know what it’s like to suck it up and apologize to the person you’ve hurt.

Yes, this is a castigating post that clearly calls you both out of your vile behaviours. Yes, you’re both clearly going to laugh this off. No, I’m not going to take this down. And yes, I was writing this in my shower robe, take that you virtual sinner!






4 Responses

  1. Well said.

  2. *awe*

  3. Your vocabulary scares me.



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