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"Bringing Hell To The Surface" ||The Duo Begins||

I feel as if my mind is wrought of radioisotopes, but you know something? I have no regrets.

As ephemeral as my fleeting hopes may sound, I don’t want UMA to die like other armies. I want UMA to flourish into a flower that grows so big that it falls into the garden of somebody else and destroys its flowerbed. I want to divulge that this was supposed my last time leading UMA. Every time I have come back we’ve had some sort of growth spurt, whether that is due to the sheer amount of ass-wipery I dish out, god knows.

I feel as if I am living, but a half-life whenever I leave UMA, because I treat you as if you’re my virtual family, traveling through the vibrant reservoirs of hope. Hope is something we need, and right now, we have none of that. Which is why I’m putting an end to the constant drivel that has been spilled by the incompetents in this army. Starting now we’re hiring owners, and yes, I know that is probably the last thing we would look for right now, but it’s what we need. We’re going to start from the bottom and work our way up. I mean just look at the Nachos, they have more owners than HSA did currently.

This duo consists of Wgfv and myself. And yes, to save the excessive blabbering, we are taking over ONCE AGAIN. I don’t want to see UMA go down in history as the army that died without any self-integrity at all, which is why this is happening.

Do you want to know the reasoning for this duo? Sure, I’ll explain. I’ll try to simmer down the egotistical tendencies that kick in, also known as the truth. Wg and myself are the only people who truly care for this army, whenever I see a veteran on chat I always question if they were loyal back in the day, because I knew quite a lot of the UMA veterans, and I still speak to some of them, considering most of us down here in UMA are a close-knit family. For those retirees who come on chat complaining about the lack of size: why don’t you pull your finger out of your ass and actually contribute to this army instead of using your ‘busy schedule’ as a blatant excuse?

The reason is rather self-explanatory, we care too much to let UMA die and fall into an abyss filled with former shadows that are now in tatters. But I swear to god, this is my LAST TIME in this god forsaken army.

So let’s begin to rebuild our army. Because this is UMA, where alpha-decay shall be our tithe. 😉


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