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Hello UMA,

I have always been a fan of history. I believe that it is the most important thing that you can ever learn because it is about human nature. As the cliché saying goes “history repeats itself.” I find this to be true. One of the most powerful empires that has ever existed was the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the foremost superpowers of all time. It fell because other European nations went through industrialization. Ottomans soon found their empire nicknamed “the sick man of Europe.” The parallel between UMA and the Ottoman Empire is quite stunning.

Last year, armies went through massive expansion because the auto-typer was made popular. UMA failed to adopt this new feature successfully. As a result we have lagged behind. We have experienced short bursts of rising due to our resilience. However, every time we have tried to maintain that success with an outdated model, chat recruiting.

UMA, chat recruiting has failed. It is time to modernize or die. I said that I would make a post detailing how we would go about rebuilding and here it is.


Site Changes-

  • A page called “UMA Calendar” has been created. It is a live calendar that will be used to detail all events.
  • Minor graphic updates.

Owner Changes-

  • The UK is currently undergoing exam time, when this finishes Daniel will be added to the same rank as Wgfv. This will effectively end the single dictatorship and create a dual dictatorship.
  • New hirings.
  • Step has been promoted to leader [US Division].
  • Mustapha10 has joined temporarily to help enforce the new auto-typing policy.


UMA Head of State & Military-


3 Responses

  1. How long with musty be with us?

  2. Tryna hire ya boi Lidstrom?


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