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My Short Coming and Going

Some of you may recognize me as a veteran 2ic from the Wgfv Era in 2011. Others may be starting to get to know me from my recent return to UMA to help us rise again to greatness. However, time has been of the shortcoming for me. I am 17, and still hanging around CP Armies. Recent events in my personal life are keeping me back from staying active, and more and more keep stacking up where I can’t stay any longer. I have done my best, and yet it is still not enough. As much as you guys want me around, personally, it is better if I leave my position to someone who will be there for UMA. I may not be a legend you expect, but when there was change, I was there. Whether it was for the good or the bad.

  • In 2010, I have become the most infamous CPAC reporter of all-time, even worse than Kingfunks4, and the only one to ever be fired.
  • In 2011, I have lead a medium army known as the Dark Penguin Warriors with Seth, Awesum_Dood, Lootking, and others I cannot even remember anymore. We were rising before our site and chat were hacked. To retain the any form of influence I had, we “merged” into UMA and I was named second-in-command by Wgfv.
  • I was a secret advisor for former ACP leader Bobcatboy10, who I advised to bring more freedom to ACP during his reign.
  • I have had friends with many other key CP army vets over the years. Capncook, Ads354, Dashing Snow, Mchappy, Sklooperis, and other legends. It’s a shame I haven’t achieved what you guys have here.

Bottom-line, my contribution was great to CP Armies, whether I was logged on during battle, or helping good leaders become great. Before I go, I have messages to everyone mentioned below:

Wgfv: You’re time is probably as short as mine here. Make it count, friend.

Mustapha10: When you first PC’d me a few months back, you reminded me of Wwebestfan from 2010. Bull-headed and ego-maniacal. Before I left, we made amends. Now show everyone you can change to make DCP even better than it is now.

Shivertoe2: Get your head out of your ass, for Christ’s sake. We were friends, but I’m not even too sure I want to even hear your name because of this pro-Hitler phase you’re going through.

Beeky: I know you want to make this war as clean as possible with UMA, but Wgfv won’t stop until Shiver is dealt with. Even I know you’re growing intolerant of his current phase. If you deal with Shiv now, you can at least get the clean war that you want with UMA

The Soldiers of UMA: Wgfv can’t make us rise alone. It is up to you to do whatever you can to make UMA rise. Prove your worth, and kick the Nachos’ asses.

~The Fallen Legend,

2 Responses

  1. Daniel you are mah friend and I ahve many people who like me unban me otherwise I may take you off my retirment post stop abusing and seriously whats the problem first you banned me forever then unbanned for something random and now 999 hours today for nothing I was sayin hey to goodol Nppp soo unban or I will have no choice my friend but to report for abuse and maybe tell Wgfv IFF I have to goo that far I am with DCP your allies now unban

  2. Although we don’t speak much, I still have the memories of a wonderful time I had leading DPW with you, I will miss you


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