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The Misfits

“Are they crazy?”

“They’re fucking idiots.”

“They’re gonna die.”

The army world thinks we’re insane. We’re going up against a force that’s expected to swat us aside like we’re flies. We’ve fallen from 5th all the way into the Small Top Ten. Yet, we’ve not lost hope. Even though half of us have left, that our chances for victory seem to be dwindling, that we seem to be weakening by the very second, we’re not out.

We may be down, but we’re not out.

If you were around during my first reign as leader, you may remember the success that Coolster, Derek, and I had. We started with UMA being like they are now, torn apart and in shambles. We got them to become a constant contender. That same potential lies within ourselves. But we’ve not pulled it out yet. We’re up against the Number 2 army in warfare. They’re strong as all hell. But so are we. Maybe not in size, but in willpower. We have the ability to come together and bring this army over the top, to the highest heights it has ever seen. We can defeat the Nachos and swat them aside like they expected them to do to us.

They think we’re weaklings, but we’re not.

Now is the time to rise up. We must come together as one, instead of being separated as many. No one expects us to win. No one expects us to ever be anything. Everyone expects us to go down easily. But we won’t go down without a face. I refuse to swallow my pride for a disgusting piece of shit like Shiver. I don’t know about you, but I want to win. I want to prove these fools wrong. What they think is wrong. They know nothing. The people outside of here don’t know a god damn thing about us and what we do. Who we are. What we are. But I do.

We’re the misfits of armies right now. To everyone else, we’re a group of nobodies, has-beens, and never-wills. But you know what? I don’t care. We’re the fucking Underground Mafias Army, and I’ll be damned if we’re anything else but. We’re the strongest group of motherfuckers to grace this side of the internet.

And I refuse to be called anything less.

It’s time to stand up. The uprising is within us. It’s just a matter of how deep we have to reach.


3 Responses

  1. Good post and i agree wholeheartedly. UP THE ‘MA!

  2. Great post, we were in the same position last year and look what happened, we got SECOND. Hopefully this strikes the troops of the UMA and give them a sense of initiative. Rise up against the once great Mexican friends and fight


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