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Hey UMA.

This will be a rather boring post, filled with vapid tripe.

If you click the “Read More” button, you’re advocating penguin terrorism, which will eventually lead to your immediate demise via a drone strike, ordered by Spi101 himself.

Ahhhhh the exquisite penguin virtual world, so captivating. So captivating in fact, that Spi decided to drone strike SWAT the other day, our beloved colony. Did you know that for each server Spi invades from SWAT, Ganger cuts off one of his toenails a day? I only just found this out, so be glad I shared this with you.

Anyway, that isn’t the point. The point is that this week had been pretty lame. If you want me to sugar coat it and then store it in a refrigerator, then sure, why not. But you guys know me, I’m not one to go over-board with everything, I’m more of a realistic person who looks at everything in ones and zeros to level things out.

Next week I’m hoping that we improve. Things will be a little more relaxed, because let’s be honest, sitting around on your computer chair with a numb ass isn’t going to get us anywhere, unless you’re Spiderguy, then your ass is immune.

By the way, Sweden was fine, I saw a lot of Nordic people wearing Viking helmets and wielding axes.

I’ll be posting more soon.


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