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This Week's Events

Palladium: I’ll be back from Sweden on Saturday, my flight is Friday night. Until then try and hold up. I still expect everybody to mass recruit, it’s vital, as UMA depends on efficiency.

Hello Comrades!

This week I am going to be trying something a little different. Our US and UK divisions will alternate days that they recruit so one division is not being overworked. We will also hold unscheduled AUSIA recruiting. This will all lead up to a division face off this Saturday on a one bar server. The US division will be black for that event. This week has 8 scheduled eventsAs a reminder, you must comment whether or not you will make your division’s battles or face demotion

Saturday, March 29th

Training Session – Server TBA [Joint]

:arrow:3:00 PM EST

:arrow:2:00 PM CST

:arrow:1:00 PM MST

:arrow:12:00 PM PST

:arrow:7:00 PM UK

Saturday, March 29th 

*Tentative Practice Battle* – Mittens [Joint]

:arrow:7:00 PM EST

:arrow:6:00 PM CST

:arrow:5:00 PM MST

:arrow:4:00 PM PST

:arrow:11:00 PM UK


-UMA Head of State & Military-

10 Responses

  1. I can make all the US events. I may have to leave early for Saturday’s second event.

  2. Might be able to make the US events and most likely the Us and Uk events

  3. I will no be able to attend tuesday and thursday.I will be at other events though

  4. I will make all uk event c:

  5. I, Doctor Maybe, will be there.

  6. I can not come on Monday, as my tutor comes at 7:15 and will be an hour long. I can attend all other UK events.

  7. Only one ik I cant make at all is wednesday. others are a maybe as always.

  8. Can’t make Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 4 EST is a bad time for me.

  9. Probably cant make the 3 uk on the week days

  10. Now I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming again to read additional news.


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