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LT's "Invasions"

Hello Comrades!

It has recently come to my attention the Light Troops have invaded our capital – Flurry. This invasion, however, is not valid due to the treaty that was signed by the Light Troops that concluded the NoD/NRA war. Waterkid so eloquently stated why this was not really a reason:

May I remind you guys that the treaty states no consequences? What’s going to happen if we oppose against it? NOTHING. You guys say the Treaty makes the invasions invalid, but how’s it going to be invalid if nothing bad is going to happen to our army? pathetic, IW and UMA are scared of the Light Troops so far, and soon LT’s claiming victory over UMA after we invade some of their servers.

The LT Leader and I also had a small chat about what a treaty really was..

1 2 3 4

Waterkid’s argument was that a peace treaty is a treaty that, “ends wars.” Furthermore, he stated that a treaty is not really even an agreement. I decided to consult my good friend Webster’s dictionary to see what their take on what a peace treaty was.


My message is this:

Waterkid and the rest of the Light Troops, the fact that the treaty did not specify specific consequences is irrelevant. The treaty states that you may not invade any NoD member until the date that was specified. This means that any invasion is simply nullified. You saying that would never world in real life, well, correct. This is after all, a video game. Your invasions do count.


-UMA Head of State and Military-

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