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The Fidelity of UMA

From now on whoever doesn’t recruit on the chat at least 2 hours a day is demoted to private, no matter what rank you are. You won’t be excused, there is NO warning, you WILL be demoted.

I know that you’re all used to my posts by now, especially the ones where I carp on about things that hardly make a scrap a difference. But I’ll try my best to point out what’s wrong and what we need to do to improve on it.

So lately UMA, you’ve gotten lazy. Do you not respect the hands that feed you? Let’s take last night, for example, nobody came to the event apart from the odd few who were clearly frustrated by the chat size. And before you start to moan and groan about how I wasn’t online either, it was for a good reason. As for those who said that they would attend, but didn’t, you’re not dedicated enough to be in this army. I didn’t make excuses for last night’s failure, and I don’t intend to now.

Nachos – I won’t make any excuses for this event because everything is rather self-explanatory when you look at the results on our site. Now you’re probably wondering “there are no results?” – you just answered your own question. Nobody bothered to show up, which is why I’m extremely disappointed in those who said they would attend but didn’t. You can bet right now that Shiver is in his glory, watching us squirm in a hole that we cannot crawl from. But do you know something? That hole can easily be dug out of if you have a ladder. But where is the ladder? Ask yourselves where the ladder is, because I honestly don’t know anymore.

Overall, this army’s activity over the past few days has dropped. I understand that the leaders, including myself, are responsible for the failure of these events, and I won’t make up any excuses. Yes, we’ve attended the events set, aside from the odd one or two that I couldn’t attend, but the other leaders were there. I understand that those on the chat during the event tried their very best to recruit, but you clearly didn’t try hard enough.

I’m not one to lose hope, but I’m beginning to question whether or not we can sustain such sizes.

We need to stop being lazy, because at the end of the day it only falls on the leaders to pick up the pieces of a shattered puzzle that has to be rebuilt slowly, and that’s the job I don’t want, because I’m not a puzzle retriever, I’m somebody who has to put up with the struggle and strife of an army who’s defacto goal is to reach 1st.

I hope you all understand what I’m getting at. We need to pick up in short, so do it, stop being lazy and actually attend events.



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