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Treaty Of Outback – SWAT SURRENDERS

Hello Comrades!

The sun shines brightly this afternoon as I worked with the SWAT leadership on agreeing to terms that were amicable to both parties. The SWAT leaders have capitulated and has agreed to UMA terms of colonization. Our imperial expansion cannot be halted for anything.

The terms of this treaty will go into effect immediately. 

Treaty of Outback

  • SWAT agrees to total colonization under the Umannian Empire.
  • All servers that were invaded by the UMA will be returned with them.
  • The regular condition of a UMA representative being on their site has been waved.
  • SWAT may not gain independence unless to Supreme Commander of UMA allows it.
  • SWAT must help UMA in events when UMA military commanders demand it.
  • As per rules of being a colony, SWAT’s status of being a nation may be revoked if deemed fit by the Supreme Commander of the UMA.
  • As per rules of being a colony, SWAT may only declare war and ratify peace agreements with UMA’s consent.

I want to take this moment to thank you, the soldiers, the blood of this magnificent army. Without you this would not have been plausible. It was through your hard work, your conduct, your sacrifice that we added the crown jewel of colonies to our empire. For far too long we have been mocked amongst this community. The past few days have shown that we are not gone. We are quite the opposite. Although many of you were disappointed with our listing on the Top Ten, myself included. Remember that we are the most resilient army that has ever existed.

Within the next month the UMA will be first. Although we have not been able to shatter that highest hardest glass ceiling yet, it has about 7 years of cracks in it ;).


-UMA Supreme Commander-




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