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'Special' Weapons and Tactical?

Greetings Comrades,

Contemplating about the SWAT, several ideas conjure up in my mind. I like to think of them as scum, as peasants or as weaklings. Truth is, they’re vulnerable.  There have been many armies dying to crush them. Luck has been on SWAT’s side – in spite of the hate they receive and the crimes they’ve committed, not one army, until now, has stood up to them. Justice must be served.

In contrary to our current state, the SWAT is a mere shadow of its former self. I don’t know why they still use the terminology, “Special”, in their name – they haven’t done much in recent memory. Maybe in 2012, they were considerably potent. However, that was at a time when they had genuinely strong leaders – Spi and Cul, for example. Nowadays, they are left collapsing from within with men like Starz, Vince and Reeces2011 – people who can’t even lead an army into the SMAC Top Ten. As long as they continue to have noobs at the forefront of their leadership, they’ll slack overall. That goes without saying it’s too late for them to turn things around, for their death now awaits round the corner.

Do you remember the days nostalgically when the Underground Mafias Army was feared? Well, I do. Others dared not mess with us. Oh, the glory days.

Yet, yesterday night amid arising tensions, SWAT leader ‘Lord’ Starz engaged in an all-out dispute in which he bickered at us constantly. Vince, who recently faked cancer, labelled us as a, “medium army past its prime”. We know that’s not true. Our legacy is beginning to crumble. Note the emphasis on the lexical, “beginning”. We’re going to restore our legacy. Comrades, we will take this fight to their doorstep. Outback will burn. Outback will bleed. Outback will fall. Once we’ve finished with the SWAT, no other army will ponder taking us on again. Rather, we’ll be the one bulldozing others. We are going to make the ‘Special’ Weapons and Tactics pay for their actions.

Oh yeah, if I forgot to mention, no army gets away with troop stealing. If you want to end up with the same fate as the SWAT, then do exactly what they have done.

Au revoir,

-Coolster114, UMA Leader




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