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RE: Pastebin.com/pgF1zUS6

And once again, I’m forcing myself to write a lengthy and boring speech about somebody who is misinformed and has obviously been passing around information that came from a third-party. I bet your sweaty hands can finally take a break. I know exactly why you posted it on Pastebin and not somewhere else, such as a WordPress website. But whatever, I hope you enjoy the flaws in your logic being pointed out.

This individual who has wished to remain Anonymous by posting on the website known as Pastebin thought that it would be a good idea to try to spread lies about me. This persons claim is based on virtually nothing, and he/she does not have the correct proof to back up his/her claims. Everyone in SW has, of course, being drawn in by these claims and indubitably assumed that I am not who I say I am. This is what the individual who made the Pastebin had to say about me.

Over the past few years College boy, also know as Daniel and “Eyes521” has been coming onto Shock Warriors chat insulting our leaders, even the troops. First of all you’re in college daniel, get a damn life. If you think we are going to let you run your mouth all day, then you need to learn the difference from right and wrong.  So let me tell you what we’re going to do to you and your precious army. We are going to sit here in silence and wait for your fall. Because no doubt once you decide to leave UMA..again they will die just like every other time.

If I were actually an imposter, I would have some sort of perception here, but I don’t. The sheer plausibility of your story does not pan out correctly, in fact, I don’t even recall “running my mouth” at all, so I don’t know where you pulled that one from. The only thing I have done that you may think is morally wrong here is provide accurate statements based on your false logic. I’d also like to point out that I’m friends with both of the SW leaders, so your statement is just a bromidic excuse.

And even if I were to provide some evident proof that was to say otherwise, and to prove that I was Eyes, you would only continue to warp on how about how what I provide is useless. I think you need to think long and hard, and relinquish the fact that I am Eyes and the statements that you are spewing from your nonsensical keyboard is nothing but tripe. But like I said before, I will gladly provide proof of who I am, and if anybody wants to come to me and ask me for that proof, I would be more than happy to provide it to you, but I highly doubt anybody will come to me and ask me for that proof considering people take my word. But the offer is always there.

Did I mention this might not even be “Eyes”? I remember adding Eyes in 2009 on his original account and he has not been on since. Then suddenly when Daniel came along it logged back on and suddenly changed his name to Daniel and the reg name. Eyes liked DCP, he was 3ic in 2010. Daniel hates DCP even after this whole summer war when UMA beat DCP. Cant let go, can you Danny boy?

As for your ludicrous claim that I was in DCP at some point, you’re wrong. I don’t know where you get your information from but it’s clearly not the correct information and you should brush up on your footprinting skills before somebody comes along with a giant broom and brushes you under the carpet. I’ve also never had any affiliation with DCP, other than allying with them. And as for the claim that I “hate” them, I have never shown any virulence of the people in their army, and the same goes to their leaders.

The only bellicosity we had was during summer, it was rather minor and didn’t cause any “big problems”, so your statement is pretty useless. As for previous wars, where UMA has fought them and I have been in the army, I was instructed to attend and never did I once insult a leader of DCP (I’m talking at least a few years ago here).

And I didn’t just come out of no where. I was around for the whole of 2009 and 2010, I left for a short period of time during 2011 due to school getting in the way of things. And again, I can accommodate you with the sufficient proof proving that I’m Eyes. And you’re right, I’m in college, but you sound like you’re still in pre-school. The only thing that I can advise to the person behind this Pastebin is you need to sound out your vowels, and you will go far in life.

And now he will ask me where my proof is. And that means that they are guilty or know something else, which sums up that Daniel is not eyes.

Your logic is naturally brilliant. I see what you’re trying to do though. You’re trying to make it so that I don’t ask for proof, because like I said before, your claims are based on virtually nothing and you have no proof to offer. How are you supposed to justify the things you have thrown out at me if you have nothing to offer? Ponder on that for a second. There is no need to reverse everything around and make out as if I’m some sort of imposter who would so foolishly pose as myself. I’m demanding proof and I can now safely say that you have none to offer.

Me making this post has stooped to your level, but I would do anything to put somebody in their place who is pulling things out of their ass only to besmirch somebody’s name (this person being me). We all must believe this person even if he has no evidence to offer.

And by the way, I hope you find comfort in making false accusations about somebody who is doing far better than you ever will. But I guess that’s just how you roll. Good luck in the barony of fluxated dingbats, I’m sure you will fit in.

5 Responses

  1. I like how dan likes to take apart people .. nice post

  2. The funny thing here is that the person who posted this put it on Pastebin. What makes this twice is funnier that Eyes threw this kid into an abyss. Good job Bro xD

  3. Fucking Owned.

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