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Well guys, I won’t lie to you when I say that we’re not doing so good. Sure, we have a decent size and a good top ten placement, but that doesn’t excuse the amount of laziness that has been passing through our army like the ripple effect. Now I must give you a few pointers if you’re going to get off your small brown chair in the corner and actually do something.

  1. [You Must Recruit]: Obviously, you must put effort into your recruiting. Whenever I’m on the chat I see the odd few owners and moderators working their ass off to get people onto the chat. Is it good enough? No. You need to apply yourself further if you want this army to do any good. And if you’re wondering what I’m implying then I’ll skip straight to the point. You’re here to serve and have fun, and to add to the fun you must recruit. This isn’t an option. You will recruit, because once you’ve signed up for this army you are fighting under our banner and you’ll work your ass off until we have prevailed.
  2. [Commenting On The Website]: I don’t need to reiterate myself over and over, but this is something that you need to keep up with. Gandering at the site daily will make you aware of what is going on. I have seen some of the owners who come onto the chat and then ask me if there is an event occurring within the day. You need to check the website for events, as well as commenting on the website.
  3. [Chat Activeness]: This is pretty self-explanatory – Whenever you’re on the chat you’re expected to recruit and keep the chat alive, as stated above. Follow those rules and it will ensure that you rank isn’t removed due to laziness

I know it’s a tedious task, but it must be done to ensure our placement in CPAC. You may think I’m nagging you, but honestly my intentions are only good as I want to see this army prosper, as do the rest of the owners. But how can we do that with such lackadaisical owners and moderators who can’t recruit to lift both the chat size and overall sizes on Club Penguin? Like I said, you need to step up your game or you’ll be demoted to private.

It’s harsh, I know, but I don’t care.



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