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Message To The Owners [IMPORTANT]


Greetings Comrades,

We’ve had reforms to the ownership recently. I want all of our owners to be on top of their game, so this post is directed at YOU guys. Read on if this post does concern you.

The Message

Owners, take your time to read the following new regulations that you must follow. If you fail to adhere to them, there can be harsh consequences. Don’t whine.

You Must:

  • Be Active: If you’re inactive, you’ll be fired. You must attend most battles, and if you miss around three events in a week, you’ll probably be demoted.
  • Be Loyal: Accept your punishments. If you’re demoted for inactivity, face it. Try to work your way back up to the top. And also, we don’t accept people who leave us for other armies.
  • Post Once A Week: At least ONCE a week. It could be about anything: event results, motivation posts, or even guides on how to recruit. Just keep things professional!
  • Recruit: I want each owner bringing in at least one recruit a day. Comment on the Staff Site once you’ve brought someone in. Provide us with solid evidence of your hard work.
  • Be On Chat Whenever On XAT: It’s getting irritating seeing you guys online but not on chat. There’s no need for you to actively participate in discussions, but your presence online will automatically increase the chat size. We all know it’s better having one person on rather than none.
  • Not Cause Infighting: Seriously, don’t try to start debates. It’s not going to benefit anyone; someone’s going to be hurt at the end of the day, and the UMA won’t be in a better state.
  • Check The Staff Site Regularly: Respond to any issues that concern you. Information regarding the Staff Site is listed below.
  • Accept Punishment For Not Following The Above: You’ll be demoted/fired if you don’t adhere to the listed regulations. Don’t rage when you’re punished, no one’s going to want you as an owner if you do so.

Upon request from Loot, we’ve also reviewed each and every one of you. Your weaknesses are listed; don’t take offense. We want you to work on your flaws this week, and perfect yourself so that the UMA can strengthen.


Caliwar: You are obviously loyal. For about two months you’ve been here, I think, and in that period of time you’ve seen the ups and downs of the UMA. However, I do notice that you’re beginning to slack in activity – it’d be beneficial for us all if you start attending more battles. I don’t see you posting either, so I should see some more posts from you in the near future.

Zyxwv124: You too are loyal, and you’ve been on chat regularly. You’re AFK a lot of the time though, and I hardly see you at battles regularly. You should start posting a bit more, and maybe you should lead a few tactics in events.

Derek: You’re on vacation whilst I’m writing this, so I cannot say much. I can say you’re active. Post a bit more, maybe?

Drakath: You’ve just been given owner. Follow the expectations I set above, and you’re all good. Don’t be afraid to lead some tactics in battle when no one else is!

Sonic11352: You’ve also been given owner recently. As with Drakath, you’ll be fine as long as you follow the regulations that are set above. Try and post regularly.

Kyle: As with the other two, you’re also new, but I know what you’re made of. I’d like to see you posting often, if that’s possible.

Max43810: I cannot really criticize you; you’re both loyal and active. In my opinion, you are the best owner we have at the moment, and I am sure the others would agree. One thing I do notice though is that you occasionally log off when we’re preparing for a battle, and then you log back on once the battle commences. There might be a reason, but if there isn’t, our chat size would be better if you’re on before we log on. Keep up the good work, though!

Ken: You’re loyal, and somewhat active. Post a bit more and attend the important battles, and you’re fine.

Arceus1296: Make sure that you’re active, and post whenever you can! I have faith in you, you’ve got a lot of potential! Don’t let me down.

Entropy: Cannot say much, since you’ve recently returned. Try to make all of the UK events this week if you can.

Kidkaos: Exams have meant you couldn’t be active, but now that they’re over, I am expecting you to be at the majority of the events. Get recruiting, too.

Danny: You didn’t attend today’s battle, so I want you to prove to me that you’ll be active.

Rex: I haven’t seen you online since I’ve hired you, but I do believe you’ll do a good job. Start posting some AUSIA events, will you?

Rish: Not much to state; just prove that you didn’t deserve to be banished.


All owners have been sent invites to the Staff Site. It is your duty to check the Staff Site regularly, and to comment with your views whenever you feel appropriate. Until next time!

-Coolster114, UMA General


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