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Executive Order 114

UPDATE: Rocky’s attempts to manipulate people into thinking that he has supporters has failed. Click HERE for an image showing that he’s posing as his own “supporter”. The only person who even backs him is Bobrules107.

Greetings Comrades,

Apologies in advance for any grammatical errors in this post. I’ve written it in a hurry and I haven’t bothered to read through it.

The citizens of the People’s Greater Underground Union have had enough. We’ve been held back for a week or two now by certain thorns in the army. Alas, now’s the time to rejoice. Hereby, as per approval from the Chancellor, Draco Joe, alongside two division heads (myself and Lootking), Rockyiceman1 has hereby been removed from his position in the Underground Mafias Army as an owner.

As the majority of us know, Rocky has been the source of major internal conflicts of which have hampered our morale. Today he pushed the limit. Let me make this clear by issuing an ultimatum: if Rockyiceman1 is re-instated, then myself, Joe and Lootking will all resign, which’ll lead to the downfall of the army. No one wants the UMA to collapse, so please, for the sake of our future, Wgfv, just let go of him. The division caused isn’t the only reason why we’ve removed him:

  • Rockyiceman1 has, after having approximately half a year in office, failed to deliver to expectations.
  • We have serious doubts of whether or not he has the capability of truly leading the AUSIA division to great heights.
  • Rockyiceman1 is rather self-centered and has a lot of self-pride. This has resulted in him having a lack of respect to his seniors and legends.
  • We’ve lost out on a lot of potential recruits because of Rocky begging people to join when they had already been persuaded to do so. Because of his begging, people changed their minds and left us.
  • Rockyiceman1 tries to divert the failures of the AUSIA division by trying to blame the UK division as the sole reason why the UMA is not in the Top Ten.
  • He’s a hypocrite: he questions the leadership of myself and others when I miss one event; yet he himself hasn’t attended any AUSIA battles.
  • No AUSIA battles have been scheduled in the past 40 days.
  • After two weeks of searching, he hasn’t filled the open AUSIA owner ranks.
  • He does NO recruiting at all, and has on certain occasions lost us full chats before events.

Please note that this is NOT a coup d’etat. The leadership has, for some time, viewed Rocky as a Second In Command for some time, but we’ve been refused the authority to fire him by Wgfv. 

We’re going to push everyone now. We’ve been FAR TOO LENIENT. It’s time for the UMA to rise, to hit 1st on CPAC. NONE of you, troops, are doing good. People beg me for promotions. As it stands, NONE of you will be promoted because you fail to attend a significant portion of the scheduled battles. Until I see improvements on your behalf, owners from outside the army will be hired. Have a good day!

-Coolster114, UMA General


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