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The Tundra 2014 Mafias Winter Games

Greetings Comrades,

With, in the real world, the Winter Olympics currently ongoing, the Underground Mafias Army has taken the decision to host our very own, “The Tundra 2014 Mafias Winter Games”. A similar Olympic tournament was held by ourselves in 2012, only that it was in the summer. Read on for more details.

The Tournament

At this moment in time, details regarding regarding the structure of the competition are yet to be finalized.. So far, five “sports” have been confirmed. These are: Card Jitsu; Connect 4; Sled Racing; Marathon and Sprinting.

Card Jitsu:

Card Jitsu will probably be the least popular competition, as their is only a single event in it, and it cannot be spectated. You play against any other competitor. The person who wins the most battles will end up winning the competition. Evidence may need to be provided. This event will be held over a single day.

Connect 4:

There are two events in the Connect 4 tournament. One for “singles” and one for your “team”. Details on the “team” tournament will be released in the near future. For the singles, you play simple 1 vs 1 battles against opponents. There will be rounds in this, meaning that not all of the events will be on the same day.

Sled Racing:

In the Sled Racing tournament, there will be four competitions, one for each track. There will be rounds, depending on how many people there are who sign up it. At the maximum, you can only compete within two of the Sled Tournaments, so choose wisely when signing up. As stated before, everything is decided upon how many people sign up, and so, the races may be held on more than a single day.


There is only one event in the Marathon tournament. Athletes will have to run across the underground, from the mine to the right end of the boiler room. Whoever does this the fastest will end up victorious.


Within the Sprinting tournament, there will be three events, the “Dock race”, the “100 Meters” and the “City race”. In the Dock race, competitors will have to run from one side of the Dock to another. In 100 Meters, you race against others, from the corner of the Forest that connects to the Plaza, to the end of the Cove. Next is the “City Race”. This is when you run from the right-side of the Plaza to till you reach the Dock. In all of the mentioned events, whoever is the fastest will be the victor.


The host server will be Tundra, thus the majority of the events will be held there. Below is a list of some of the other confirmed servers for the events:

  • Tundra [Host Server]
  • Frostbite [2012 Mafiaz Game Hosts]
  • Mittens [Partially]
  • Frozen
  • Fog
  • Ice Palace
  • Mammoth [Partially]
  • Crystal
  • Chinook [Partially]


The teams will be based upon the divisions, with the AUSIA division likely to be paired up with either the UK or US division. There will be a red team and a black team. Further information will be released soon.

The Medals:

Third place receives bronze, whilst the runner-up gets silver. The champions get gold. A sides medals are totaled up, and they are given a certain amount of points.

  • A bronze medal= 1 point
  • A silver medal= 3 points
  • A gold medal= 5 points

Your team can have more medals than the others, yet it’s the gold that really matters, so you may not win in the end, as the points will be used to determine the final winners of the “Tundra 2012 Mafias Winter Games”.


Sign ups for the event will be held in the next two or three days, depending on when details of the event are agreed upon. Remember, if you want to compete, you must be actively involved in the Underground Mafias Army!

-Coolster114, UMA General


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