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Standing ovation to UMA's Daniel and Lild.

Hello UMA,

Today is a day which has made me feel can I still be the Rocky I am and specially will UMA be the same after this heartbreak?

I became the Rocky I am only because of one person and that is Daniel, you all call me the most loyal person ever and the best leader the “Mr UMA” but you know because of who? Yes because of Daniel as you can read in his retirement post when I was new here in cp armies I was only a noob who knew nothing about cp armies but Daniel made me get interested in UMA he made me feel that UMA was the right place for me all he did for me and for UMA can not be expressed in a single wordpress post,

Daniel did everything for UMA at the age of 19 he still was in a cp army and he was not embarrassed by the fact that he did what he wanted to do and that is a true idol I tell you all until cp armies are going to live this man Daniel will be remembered.

Then there was Lild,

a person who did not deserve to lose his brother at all but after everything that happened he still remained on UMA he did everything he could today we have a perfect major army and we can put a major blame on this person right here yes Lild is responsible for everything good happened to us I really do not know if even a standing ovation is enough for him.

and today both of these idols,inspirations,true warriors are retiring they are going away to a place where we cant follow them all we can do this stand up on our feet and clap damn hard as we see both of them go for a bright life on the retirement island I am very happy that we all can nicely say goodbye to Daniel and Lild

Sir Daniel and Sir Lild thanks a lot for being a part of UMA you will always be remembered as legends and please keep visiting UMA whenever you can, I am happy I got an opportunity to make this post and stand up with the rest of the UMA to give a standing ovation.

Wish you both the very bust luck for your life and once again thanks lot,

lots of love


– Rocky and UMA

2 Responses

  1. Sir do not need to thank me at all for this, all I did was said the truth about you and dan about how great you people are, when I was new in UMA I used to be so happy when a owner used to compliment me and today you my idol my everything is telling me that I am better then you, no I will never be a student is never as good as his teacher but I know wherever you are your support for me will make you proud because I promise I have picked up many things from you and now I will apply everything I will do my best for UMA and I am sure you will be proud about your army, once again lots of love to you and best of luck ❤

  2. Dude, Eyes isn’t 19, he is 16-17.


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