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Last post

I didn’t write 3458 words for nothing. Although, in this post. I did add people who I feel are the most important to me.

Yes, I retired ages ago. But I only wanted to justify how I felt.

Yes, you have to read it all.

Yes, I know you’ll all CTRL+F your names.

No, you cannot have my pizza.

To be honest with you all, I’ve never truly written a retirement post that was honest surrounding how I felt about being in UMA, the people I have met along the way, and other things that are addressed in a mediocre-retirement. So for those that don’t like reading like and gruelling posts because you can’t read too well, I suggest you leave before I start.

Around 3 years of service of being in the UMA, I’ve finally decided to make my official retirement post, even though I have around 3 that already exist, but lack actual explanation. It was not the best career I have had. But I have consummated more than I originally planned. I will begin with my history throughout my entire Club Penguin army career.

I’m not 100% sure how I found Club Penguin Armies, neither do I remember how many armies I have been in, since I have a rather forgetful memory, and my recollection is rather low when it comes to things. But I do remember it was around early May of 2009 that I was introduced to Club Penguin armies. At first, I thought it was stupid and rather pointless. And stopped playing for a couple of weeks, but then I got back into the groove of playing again.  Nonetheless, I discovered some red penguins. Every day since then I would go on and follow them about, it fascinated me so much.

I visited more frequently that it caught my attention on how to actually talk to them aside from Club Penguin. An idea struck my brain at the time. Why not ask them where they collaborated, so I did, I asked. And eventually I came across the chat that they used. I thought it was a primitive army at the time and began to rank up, I started from the lowest rank, and eventually quit at the end of the month due to the odd idea of people abusing, which generally noobs did get tired of. I stopped coming on for a few weeks and decided to downplay anything I took part in, until I started to get bored again, so I went back and got a higher rank. We would just go on everyday and patrol the servers, and generally induct people into the army. My ignorance was high and I thought myself better than everybody. . I had even deluded myself with false ideas of someday leading the UMA, which eventually came true.

It was fateful that Club Penguin bought me with the UMA today. And little did I know this eventful happening would begin everything that is my career.  Before I joined, I never knew armies existed.  I believe it was in the Town that  I first introduced to the UMA. They were battling the Shadow Troops, I didn’t join right away, I battled against them using my somewhat large ego thinking I could take them on. I also saw an army called Snow Troops there at the time, they were presumably rouges, they asked me to join, but I refused and started to attack me on the offensive.

And for weeks after that I logged onto Club Penguin, following the UMA about. And for the most part they were always on. As I predicated and wished to myself. At the time I didn’t know the armies they were battling until I clicked in that other armies existed other than my own creation and the UMA. Thinking it did any good. I finally decided to search them. And I found the website. I believe I joined on that same day. From then on the UMA have been my main asset in the army world.

I joined a few armies, and I would rage like a fool asking for a high rank. Depending on how desperate the army was for new people to join,  I rose steadily in the UMA. My aim was to become the leader of the UMA someday and surpass all my antecedent soldiers. But rather than being the most popular figure in the UMA I wasn’t as popular as a noob, I was hated on, called names,  I was despised, but it didn’t really phase me. But when I look back, I come to the realistic fact, why I was hated back then.

A year had passed and I got rather bored of UMA, so I quit just before I got the ranking of 2ic, after a year of ranking up.  I joined the Golden Troops, that was led by Ganger90, Jerry, and say, I forget their names and I’m not even gonna go back and reference them.  I was still a noob at the time, but I managed to get an ample rank within the structure known as Golden Troops.  Soon afterward the site was ‘defaced’ by somebody.

Many of the people within the Golden Troops after the deface dispersed and didn’t really come back. I stayed because I was loyal. That’s when the new Leadership kicked in that consisted of Casiusbrutus, Swimmyblue, and Ganger90. I guess they came back and established themselves as the supreme rulers of the Golden Troops. I stayed for around 4 months after, just after Sercan got made leader I left, and went back to UMA. I felt more  optimistic and ready to get focused, this is when I met Pie. At the time he was leading his army, APSA. I just forget the actual definition of what the army stood for, the leaders at the time were Myself, Pie, and Percyjackson2. I merged my army called Brigades led by Firegem18 into them. I got the leader position and we had a lot of recruits. We were optimistic like other armies. I believe our first conflict was with an orange army that was newly created and wanted a conflict. It’s now dead and long past. But that was the extent of the army. But just after 3 weeks of leading, the website was defaced by some random faggot. We held meetings and decided the fate of the army would result in the leaders and advisers hands, eventually we shut down.

I later went back to UMA, just after ASAP was defaced just like my prior armies. After the disappointment of being defaced and shutdown, we felt that we could rebuild what we had in ASAP back up in UMA. Just after I rejoined the UMA again we got into a huge conflict with the Puffle Warriors and Team Gold, we invaded the Puffle Warriors multiple times and beat them eventually, Kingfunks decided to ignore our invasions due to us being bigger than the time since they were in SMAC. After the least fun war we had with the Puffle Warriors, we moved onto a more fun more with the Team Gold. We had battles before just because of the leadership, but because we grew, we could finally face the Golds rip-offs known as Team Gold. We needed to show them what the true Mafias were shown off, and we did.  We won and settled with a 3 week time cap.

During the time that I was in UMA, I joined an army called Black Bandits, that was being led by Mrtchy. Honestly, my first impression of the army was fairly simple. I joined because they were black. Long story short, I managed to rank up and I stayed there for a fairly long time, I defaced their site a couple of times, which I deeply regret, but I’m pretty sure I’m friends with most of the people who I was in Black Bandits with, mainly Mrtchy and Pal. Back to UMA I went, after I was banished.

When I went back to UMA, we clashed with the Dark Warriors. Harboring feelings for each other from past events we fought each other on and off for a few weeks. We won, by a large margin. After the battle had ended after a little week, DW and UMA settled their dispute. We both thought of little value of each other and left it be. (Keep in mind this was late 2010 I believe)

By this time I got Second in Command of the UMA,  the current leaders were Berat2Beti, Rainy, and Glace. And by this time, we were at war with the Doritos of Club Penguin. They refused to acknowledge any events that we scheduled against them because they knew our sizes were bigger than theirs. They ceased to bother with us, so we raided most of their events anyway. During half of the battle, DCP accused UMA, and specially Me, of bullying a leader of the Doritos because I stole his avatar, which I did and used it against him, but I didn’t classify it as bullying and a DCP thought it as an easy escape for them. (From what I believe, Alf left a few weeks after that happened)

Months had passed and nothing fun had happened to the UMA other than the average rebellions, attempted coups and other things. No matter, we got through it, just before Wgfv was set to retire from the UMA, Ridler (or whatever his name was) and Fiddy decided to coup Wgfv and take his WordPress account from him, leaving him in tatters other than swearing revenge on those who opposed him, and eventually he got the website back with the help of Admiral1234, later on he banished Fiddy and those who helped him, Fiddy mentioned that he wanted to purge UMA of its communist ways, that Wg imposed to the army, and eventually did for a short period of time. Just after Fiddy got overthrown by Wg, we started to grow back into the old UMA, we loved and knew, this was when Wgfv hired Hurricanex1 to come back and lead UMA, during this time, Hurricane did rather well as leader, until he lost his means and gave Panthers the chat password and left the chat defaced. But UMA, and its growing needs, needed more servers and decided to declare war on the ACP.

We needed enough servers to have a complete solid nation, UMA had its eyes on ACP for quite some time, we had multiple meetings regarding which army to declare war on, originally we wanted to declare war on Team Gold once again. Who in its glory. But aside from all of that, we chose the ACP. Just when we declared war on the ACP, Shaboomboom the retired ACP leader, decided to make a post directed to the Underground Mafias Army, in which Pie replied back. UMA, as bold as we were, we still got beaten by the ACP. We managed to stand our guard for the first few weeks.

Just a few days after we cleared the air with the ACP, Dark Warriors decided to declare war on us, truly, DW,  envious of our strident steps. Scheduled invasions of our nation, we eventually got annoyed with the Dark Warriors and decided to retaliate. We was scheduling a meeting with the leaders at the time, but none showed other than a 2ic, named Debbie. Looking to make negotiations, Wgfv told her to do one and the war would continue, Wgfv logic in a nutshell. This war had exhausted everybody who took part in it, everybody. UMA’s policies were very good, and hadn’t changed. I realized that the UMA was the right army for me, so I was even more thrilled. I’m leaving the UMA with a huge smile on my face, knowing I have achieved something.

It came around 2012, I managed to get leader, for the third time. Everybody had gone, I overthrew Benjarkin and Coolster from power since they banished me, I took power, and managed to restore UMA and pulled it from a dark age, we managed to peak sizes of 20-25, although those sizes are not the best. They are ample with a sole leadership, I hired Aaronstone42 who had been a Second in Command for months on end after getting fired from DCP three times for killing it, I still thank him for that, even though his wit and intellect is low, but still a great friend. I got UMA back into the top 10, just not very high.

Now that’s done and dusted, I’ll name the people who I believe should be in this post. In terms of friendships, it doesn’t matter how close you are to me, you’ve always got a place.

123Nico26/XiUnknown: Bro, I don’t even know where to start. I remember meeting you sometime in 2010, when you called me a faggot and then banned me on GT chat. Thanks for that. But aside from that, you have always stuck around and I really am grateful for what you have done for me. I know that Miroos isn’t here, but you know I am if you ever need to talk. Our talks, and what we have done together always was amusing. Especially when we used to go under toons on ACP chat during the time Shab ordered us to be banned. It was kinda like running from a bounty on Skyrim, except for little-green peasants were chasing us. You are undoubtedly my best friend, you’ve taught each other a lot, and I’ll never forget you. Although we hardly speak, you’re a barrel of joy. Along with Miroos, you guys are possibly the only people who truly understand me.

Phat Sky/Sky1700: You’re a great friend, I’ve known you for a very long time, just like Unk and Miroos, you were always there for me whenever I needed somebody. You, Unk, and Miroos were the only ones who were there to witness my nooby days, and honestly, I’m surprised you stuck by me. I remember the times you used to scam people, and eventually, you were the first person in armies who had the power gold. GG, son.

Miroos: Your name explains it all.

Wgfv: I could probably go over the things you have done for me, but I won’t. You’ve always been there for me when I needed advice from you, and for that, I thank you. You are undoubtedly the only person in UMA who has looked out for me along the way. Even though you’re a little rough around the edges, you’re a great friend. Thank you for giving me the chance to lead UMA with you, it was one of the best leadership-reigns I have had.

Berat: My man Berat, where do I start? Here goes. Even though you bitch and whine all the time, you’re part of the reason why I stayed in UMA in the first place. For one, I love it when you moan about things that aren’t even relevant to the conversation we are having. That’s funny, trust me. Second, you’re one of the loyalist people I have met. UMA has been your only army, I’m pretty sure you joined UMA before 2009, it proves how loyal you are.

Pie: Keep on AFK’in

Lild: Lild, you’re one of the main reasons why I did good in UMA today. I thank you for that, honestly.

Mach: You’re not funny. Joking. I love reading your CPAC posts, come join me on TSN.

Rockyiceman1: Hands down one of the most loyalist people that I have encountered here in UMA. When I first met Rocky he wasn’t very intelligent, I won’t tell a lie, he was a noob. Now he’s not. He has become UMA leader, even though some people doubt that it’s hard to get UMA leader, it really is. Rocky has been all-out dedicated for the past year, and while that may not seem like a very long time to you, it is to those who have stuck with UMA day in and day out.

Draco Joe: You are my right-hand man, I can trust you with anything. And even though I don’t show it, you’re one hell of a guy, you’re not  only the guy who led UMA during Summer with me, you’re the guy who I trust. You’re a noob at Minecraft, but you’re one hell of a guy on GTA. Although, I suggest you simmer down and get that magic flying carpet fixed, you know, the one the Jew on the corner sold you.

Coolster114: Man, you’re one hell of a friend. You’ve been here for as long as I can remember. I’ve led multiple times with you and I don’t regret anything. I hope that you stick around, because you and Joe are the defacto reason as to why UMA’s UK division is alive.

Caliwar: Come to England you bastard

 Infernus: I’ll keep winding you up like a jack-in-the-box with my Boxxy pictures.

Kevin: You’ve been in RPF more times than a girl changes clothes. [I’ve listed you as UMA to broaden the red-text]

CassiusBrutus: Have you ever heard the saying: “Die an honorable person”? – I’ve listed you as red because you will always be an UMA at heart, although you’re probably covered with green-peasant goo. No matter, either way, you’re one hell of a guy and I used to look up to you, until you became my advocate. Just messing, you’re a cool guy and I’ve always respected you. Even though I made tons of satires on you. But I’m sure you loved them Cassy boy

Derek: Hands down one of the most racist, yet level-headed people in armies today. Even though he doesn’t really come on as much as he used to, I still believe that he’s one funny guy. If you want to piss Derek off, I suggest putting numbers in your name, he will surely get so pissed that he’ll go on a rant. Or you could just mention black people.

Jessie: Yeah, when you’re all reading this you’ll probably start commenting like “HURRR BRAH Y U PUT A GURL IN DUH OOHMA SECTION” – Because she’s one of my best friends, that’s why. Hands down, you’re the only person who makes me feel better. Even though I’m hardly sad, when I am, you’re always there for me. I don’t know what would happen if you left before I did. (Theoretically) Even though people portray you as a scammer, I don’t see you like that. I’ve always stuck by you, even through the hard times of our friendship, and honestly, I don’t regret any of it. For one, you are, hands down, my best friend. That term is a term I never use on the Internet, because sometimes I don’t believe that a best friend exists over the Internet, but I’ve been proven wrong. I know you live in London, and I’ll probably hop onto my magic flying carpet one day and come over there to see you. 

Niko: Yes…. Yes….. The more you PC me, the more you fuel my need for more shekels.

Luc: Hail, king Luc.

Eric Boomer: I love our conversations, Boomer. I believe whenever we have a conversation you have to put up with my poorly-crafted memes that I make to try and make others laugh. Even though you type “LOL” back, I think we both know that they aren’t funny and that you’re probably combing your afro as you typed that. Nonetheless, our conversations about computers are relatively good. We’re both computer literate, which is good, because then we can always laugh at the morons who use the term “hacker” for somebody who boots someone offline.

Shaboomboom: If you remember the Anti-Hacking Bill, then you don’t want to hear what I have to say about you, monstrous bastard. Just kidding, just like Boomer, you’re a good friend.

Buckley: Your name works both ways. One because you’re Irish, and two because you’re an ACP peasant.

Flipmoo: You’re a bundle of joy, even though I used to dislike you when I was leading UMA throughout the summer. Our conversation about poems are fun-filled!

Mustapha10: Yes, I used to hate you too. Actually, if you remember during the summer when it was the DCP/UMA war, I was pretty civil towards you, which made you dislike me even more. But as time went on, our friendship became stable. I enjoy playing Minecraft with you because you’re a cool guy outside of CP armies. Lets raid Mattg one time. 😉

Aaronstone09: GL in WV.


Dashing Snow: The actual definition of your name disturbs me.

Vince/Cowboysfan13: Yeah… you let me lead Night Warriors once, it turned out well, kinda.

Tomb147: Hands down the reason why I started graphics. You should pop into UMA/Bloodline chat sometime to see some of my graphics, because I know you’ll be impressed. Inb4 old grandpa moment “MANNNNNNNNNNY U HIRE THESE LAMERS”

Shiver2toe: I’m still working for TSN, before you ask. And I doubt you’d rid-of me because I’m one of your satirical buddy’s. You make me laugh, honestly.

Ads: You’ve returned to Nachos more times than Akabob has shaved under his dense armpits. Just messing, you’re a cool guy, Ads.

Puckley: One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. My encounter with Puckley was like a stream flowing through a peaceful forest. Puck is one of the best leader out there, and a good friend. If there’s somebody who can make an army rise just by making a video that lasts a few seconds with an untalented artist singing, it’s Puckley.

Bluesockwa1: Blue posts things for me on CPAC when I request it. Basically, he’s the head of my penguin slave ring that involves every RPF member tirelessly working all day.

Blocksockwa2: Blue1’s moody-alter ego. Kidding, before you make a paragraph long comment.

Blueswill: Son, I’ll never forget that comment you made about me on CPAC. “HURRR DURRR DANS A NOOB” – I hope that Jessie haunts you in your sleep, you son of a bitch.

Freezie66: Art thou lacerating?

Spiderguy22: You’ve army-hopped more times than Tigger. Just messing, I think you’re a great friend.

Mrtchy: I don’t really need to put much. Other than you got me kicked from Black Bandits. Nonetheless, you’re a great friend, even though I’m talking to you as I write this, I bet you’re expecting a massive paragraph son.

That just about wraps up this post. I think I’ve done pretty well in this community over the past few years. I have met some great friends on here that I will continue to keep in contact with, but before you all jump the gun, I’m not leaving xat. I’m staying for a few reasons, I won’t be on Club Penguin chats as much. I’ll be hanging around on BloodlineHQ, you know, Ioio’s Minecraft faction that has their own server. If I didn’t add you to this post, it’s more than likely I forgot about you. If I did, tell me.

Anyways, to the community: Thanks for putting up with my inflated-sarcastic manner.

7 Responses

  1. Wow, haha y u make me criiii!!!!! Aw man daniel, where the fucckerry do i start :(( youve always been there for me dan, whenever I’m down your not only the first person to notice it, but the first person to actually make me somewhat happy. I never really considered anyone a “best friend for fucking ever” ever since meeting my grammar nazi dann(jk u know I love u and your big words huehue). I think out of everyone ((except probably unk)) I know you the most, I KNOW UR EVERYMOVE BROOOO!! But srsly at times I know when you’re lying to me, I know when you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone- HAHAHA IVE EVEN MADE A WEEK FOR U FOOL “your period week” HAHA THERES ONE SPECIFIC WEEK WHERE U JUST LIKE TOTALLY HATE EVERYONEEE LIKE SRSLY U DDONT EVEN TALK TO ME LOL :((! You’re my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey, you never know dear how much I love youuuu, please don’t take my sunshine awayyyyy !! THAT SONG LIKE SUMS UP EVERYTHING KIND OF!! Wtf am I writing, how much have I wrote wow ok. You’re not allowed to leave xat until I retire/leave xat OKAY?!!! Wait for me to leave this stupid fucked up community, we can both leave happily ever after!! I wish you the best in college, I hope everything works out for you ((ooo and your girlfriend I bet she’s smooking hot yo)), I’ve known you for so long that I can promise ill never forget about you and your BIG WORDS and your FUNNNY ASS MEMES and your WILD ASS STORIES! I love you daniel, you’re too nice, so nice, wayyy too nice, omfg daniel I actually consider you as a big brother, whenever I need help with homework DANIELS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY PAHAHAHAHA jk but you always help me and whenever I can I’ll always help you, you’re to stick besides me forever I don’t care if this sounds retarded over the internet this is coming all from the heart. Don’t you dare change for any hoe, DONT U DARE CHANGE BACK TO REPETTA LOL FML BUT WHATEVER I THINK IVE REPEATED SOME STUFF ILL NEVER FORGET U BBY U ARE MY ONE AND ONLY DANIEL FUCK THE FAKES THAT CALL THEMSELVES “DAN” OR “DANIEL” YOURE THE ONLY DANIEL THAT STANDS OUT, THE ONLY DANIEL EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER, MY DANIELL LOVE U TO BITS AND PIECES DAN! Your bestfriend ~ Jessie

  2. From getting to know you in UMA to the great talks we’ve had afterward, you’ve always been a great person to talk to and I’m sure you’ll go far in life. Good luck.

  3. Hmm, can’t find my name…
    Well Daniel, my opinion of you has changed over the years, from the crazed hacker to a guy who is pretty intelligent, and one of the few smart ones in this mess of a game. I hope retirement does you well, it’s difficult to return to armies if you’ve been able to escape. Also the guy that defaced GT back then was a 2ic who was with one of those 1 time hacking groups that come around and tried causing stuff but die out after 3 days.

  4. Gonna miss you d00d. It’s an honor to know that I was one of the main reasons you were in UMA to this day. It’s fucking bullshit, I help shape great careers biut I can barely shape mine if I try my fuckinf hardest. FML. Anyways, I hope you’re still gonna chill on XAT.

  5. It has been one hell of a ride.

    You’re one of those unforgettable people that I will always look back with a smile (and occasionally a grimace 😉 ) at.

    You proved to us all that you were one of UMA’s best. Thank you for keeping my old army alive. You’re also right – I’ll always be a UMA, I’ve always wanted to be one.

    UMA once, UMA forever.

    Fight the Bad.


  6. I dont know how I can stop crying,

    yes I was a noob I knew nothing about cp armies but you know who was the one who made me intelligent and who actually got me interested in cp armies no lies it was ONLY YOU, everyone was my inspiration but you were the person who I learned from what it is to be a UMA leader, since day one you have been my idol and I really never was able to express everything out of me about how the ONLY reason why I never was loyal to any other army more then UMA was because you of eyes sir the first time I remember you replied to me on a comment saying “See lads this guy right here Rocky is damn loyal” I swear to you I was partying so hard that night that I did not sleep the whole night and I missed school the other day, today I am in your last post and I cant express what kind of an honor for me that is, time passes just so fast I wish I joined in 2009 or something so I could have more time with you in cp armies I am still very happy that I met someone like you in UMA It will take a lot of time for me to come out of my deep depression that I actually am seeing your retirement post, thanks a lot for doing everything that you did for me and for UMA no wonder so many people like you I wish you the very best for your life and you will always be remembered I will always do the things you taught me on UMA

    Love you lots

    – Rockyiceman
    (I am someone who would not have been myself without you)

  7. Wow Eyes, It’s sad to see you go when I’m thinking about coming back , but you’ve earned your retirement with what you have did with UMA. You helped carve this army from the lower top 10 into 40+ and that’s something easily anybody in this community can respect..

    And yeah, it is sad that both of us went seperate ways after 2012, but we’ve always kept somewhat contact with eachother, and who knows maybe we’ll become a duo again, haha. When we were getting banned by Shab, those were the days man, I miss those days a lot actually, it was so fun w/ you. Despite not having regular contact for almost over a year, you’ve always been my best friend.

    Good bye, my brother. Omens4lyfe, you know where I am if you ever need me.


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