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Leaving Family, Friends and Much More (Hopefully Temporarily)

Hello UMA, as we all know, my time to leave was inevitable, it was coming already.

If I offend anyone in the UMA, I apologize, but this is getting far too difficult for me to stick around. With sports, school and recent personal issues, UMA is getting harder to make one of my priorities, and I apologize. Am I being selfish? Maybe, but I honestly don’t believe I am. I feel I have failed you, even if I’ve been apart and a major help in your success in these past few months and the brief glory of 2011-12. I know you don’t want to read a book, but I feel it is only right, like most retirement posts, to make this long and shit:

It all started in September 2009. I was an ACP/IW/UMA rogue for 2 years, ironic, huh, a rogue in 3 armies? I finally googled ACP, and for about a year, I called ACP my home. I left after a year, because ACP pissed me off, but hey, it’s ACP, what the fuck do you expect, to be honest? I finally joined UMA as an OFFICIAL troop (thank you Mach for convincing me), not just a douchey rogue who said they were leader of the UMA. For about 3 months, I was extremely active and loyal, seeing the rise of the UMA, and being at the event where we got 50 and circled the Ice Berg. I had disappeared for about 4 months, I honestly don’t know why, but I just did. Once I returned, I picked up where I left off, and got 3ic in UMA in only a month, and 2ic the next day (NP’s logic). After a month, UMA was a chaos and we faced at least 4 or 5 different leaders that led with NP to the final removal of NP when WG returned from retirement. For a good 2 months, all we were were bottom-feeders, barely cracking the top 15 in CPAC. Mach had something to say and ended up causing a civil war, which didn’t last long. WG and Cas (Both who I thank for to this day) appointed me UMA leader along with Brownie and we were to fight in this “civil war”, which didn’t even last two days. Then, Harv appeared, and whenever Harv comes on we know shit’s boutta go down. Less than a week later, WG was coup’d while at boarding school, Brownie and I were named sole leaders, and Viper returned, making him our 3rd, along with Wwe’s return and buying us a domain. The 4 of us, with the help of Harv, led UMA back to prominence, and a constant top 5 contender, and us marking as high as 4th, yet still having to fight the war WG threw us with the NP-led Tacos.

This was the week we returned to the top 5. Although our leadership was a month short lived with me retiring due to personal issues, Wwebestfan retiring a second time for DCP, and Viper being “replaced” by NP a month later, this was possibly the HIGH of our generation.

Finally, after being out of sight, out of sound, for a year and a half or so, I made a return to the UMA. I was made leader less than a week of my return (thank you Aaron for fucking up), and although Coolster, Mach and I were inactive, Mach and I had a second chance later that month when WG came back. After a week of me being “co-leader”, I was named leader with Neos, Joe, WG and Eyes (Daniel), leading the UMA to as high as second and as low as 10th:

After that, the UMA has been in and out of the top 10 but shit happens, and I know that we’ll bounce back. That golden age was a statement to this community that UMA is STILL legendary and can do what was considered impossible to major armies, and bounce back:

Underground Mafias Army

My home army, I love you more than any other army I’ve EVER been in. You are where my career started and where it is to end. I’ve met the greatest people a guy could ever meet.

Neos: One of my greatest friends, you were an amazing leader, could make crazy good GFX, and was a good friend to just talk. I wish you were on more, but I understand you’re reasons why you can’t, and I hope you at least check the site, because I want you to see, you were great, and made this experience worthwhile.

Derek: Derek, I’m glad you came in 2011, even though I didn’t know you, I’m glad to have gotten to know you. You were awesome, racist, but awesome. Funny and all, I will still kik you, but you made this chat laugh when it seemed like that’s all we needed.

Aaron: You seemed like a major faggot, and I won’t take it back, you really are a faggot. A good friend, but believe me, you’re a faggot. #SorryNotSorry. Anyways, thanks for fucking up, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been leader and then he golden age wouldn’t have happened, it would just be UMA being led by a faggot. But in all seriousness, you were really overall an okay guy, you just weren’t bright.

Coolster: I wish I had gotten to know you earlier, for all I know we were friends in 2009 when I was a noob, but I really don’t recall you prior to my return earlier this summer. I wish our leadership was more active, because you really know how to handle your troops. I can’t call you a best friend, but a good friend. I hope you lead UMA to number one like WG wants us to be.

Harv: I really have nothing bad, but nothing great to say about you. You entrusted me with leading UMA, and I guess I did a smashing job, but hey, I still can’t get a read on you. Next time, don’t try and declare UMA when you aren’t even and power and don’t try and tip it in favor for the Nachos.

Eyes (Daniel): I thought you hated me, but I recall when I first led and you supported me, and I thank you. You were an excellent friend and I am sorry for what you are going through, its a shitty feeling and I can’t say when it is going to get better, all I have to is, it is.

Trickster: I remember when I announced I was leader in UMA, you told me UMA was already a dying army and won’t make a difference without WG, well who looks like a jackass? I think I proved you wrong. But you aren’t a bad guy, you were cool and I hope you are watching this site because you normally do, but you keep quiet.

Brownieman7: We had a love/hate relationship. We argued in our leadership but we laugh about it now, which is amazing. I will never forget APSA, it was an amazing experience, and I met a lot of friends that eventually made it in UMA.

Spikeike9 (Teh Pie): Quiet, but cool. I liked you more in APSA, because you actually talked, but you were a great leader in UMA, and since you were so quiet, I don’t know if you really did support me or not when I led the first time, but that doesn’t really matter, you were a great friend.

Draco Joe: I vividly remember you in 2010, but I am really glad we got to know each other in our leadership. Without you, we wouldn’t have been second, and I mean that. You are a good friend and real funny, especially when you talk about basketball but you really don’t know any current players. Keep up the great work, I KNOW UMA will get first in your hands.

Mexicano: You were cool, a faggot when I came back. You seemed jealous because I led UMA and you didn’t, but still, a good guy. I am not sure if you’re Taco, but hey, that will always be a mystery to me.

Taco (Not sure if you’re Mexicano): Not sure if you’re Mex or not, if you are, you’ve changed.

Super Paco24: One of my best friends, although we didn’t get to lead RT, we got to lead UMA, even if it was briefly. You have been my friend since my first day in UMA, 4 years ago, and that still hasn’t changed. It’s hard to find someone who likes basketball as much as I do, but I hope we can play 2k or TALK on XBOX sometime soon.

Viper1889: Great leader, I believe you are pretty angry with us for firing you, but I can’t control your anger.

Notru: Funny, nothing else.

NP3000: Where the fuck are you and why don’t you visit, fag?

Berat2Beti: Once thought of you as a friend, now I see what you truly are. A heartless, dickless son of a bitch.

Cas: You and WG made me leader, and I thank you. You believed in me, and everything negative that has come across your path in these past few months I apologize.

WGFV: You are the greatest leader to ever be in CP armies, just to say I led UMA with you is an honor. You were my mentor, although I was never really taught, but you have been a great friend and have been since day one. I consider you an older brother, and you listen to me when I talk. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for you, and I’ve had multiple chances to lead UMA because of you, both good and bad, unfortunately. In conclusion, you are not just a great leader and mentor, but a great friend, and in times like this, I needed a friend.

Mach: My best friend since the beginning of it all. Whether it be UF, IGCP, Fusion Warriors or especially UMA, you’ve been loyal to me and I thank you. Your friendship cannot be put into words. You’ve been through the good and the bad, and I will deeply miss you. I will be back for the summer, and I hope to see you on xat soon enough.

Percyjackson: I remember you hanging out on ACP chat, and I’m glad I recruited you into FWCP and later following me when I led the UMA.

Sarge: You talked big, didn’t do anything you promised.

Xmen: Grow up, son.

Talex: Although most of your career was in the Nachos, I consider you a UMA at heart. We began our relationship, which was hate-filled out the time, since I kicked your army’s ass (still disputed), but we forgave each other and became really close. You are a great friend and so damn funny, possibly the funniest person I know.

Army Republic

I don’t know why I loved you guys so much. You are the army I’ve loved the second most to UMA. I was able to meet new, but great people. You all shared the humor I experienced in UMA.

Vinny: You are one of the greatest friends in this community that a guy could ever ask for in this community. I first met you in UMA, you were a 2ic and I was a 4ic, I didn’t hate you but I didn’t get along with you as much as I do now. I was glad to see VinDaily lead and to be apart of the absolute rape fest UMA/AR gave ACP. See you on XBOX.

122344a: Awesome friend, awesome leader, just pure awesome. I listened to your girl troubles and you listen to mine. This can continue, which I am very glad we can. I’ll miss seeing you on XAT, though.

Candy: Great guy, although I bust your chops at times. I met you in the summer and you reminded me of Mach and I when we were like, 10. You turned out to be a great leader and I am sure A, Vinny, and Burr couldn’t choose anyone better to replace them.

Blondie: Fucking skank.

Buritodaily: You were a cool guy, bit moody though. You were a bit soft on the ACP but hey, the past is the past. I can call you a friend.

San: I think you’re the crazy cat lady.

Theory: Sexist my ass.

Emmarose: You were nice, not the world’s great leader, but you still were respectable and you listened to my issues.

Sliper: Fuck you, you hater.

Dark Warriors:

I didn’t really join the DW, but I met two of coolest people in this army.

Spi101: Good friend, good guy. You’ve really grown up since you went ape shit on Jake/Explo. You are a good leader, and you and I can laugh till our dicks fall off.

Freezie: Good guy, good leader. Although you have a bad rep now, I think you’re a good guy. Legend material, trust me.

Water Vikings

I don’t care if UMA and WV are at war, but I still respect you all. I met great people and got to know someone I knew for years better.

BrassAssDash: You were a great friend, and I thank you for all your support. Although our two armies are in conflict, I hope our friendship doesn’t change.

Zak: Remember you a bit in my first leadership. From when I returned I was glad we became closer. You’re a great guy and funny as hell.

Bepboy: I wish I got to know you better, but from I take from our few conversations you are a nice guy.

Lightning Strikers

The only army I’ve led this year other than UMA. I couldn’t give to shits about you. LS, more like Purple UMA.

Kreatos: I don’t hate you, I just can’t consider you as good of a friend as I once did.

Garrett: Although we led LS and barely talked, I’m glad I got to know you better. You have a lot of potential and I like your loyalty, even if I think it’s for the wrong person. Keep up the good work, and I hope you’re the next leader of the RPF.

Rebel Penguin Federation

I don’t like you, I will NEVER like you. Almost every last one of the people in RPF are scum to me.

Red Gush: You’re the only leader in the RPF who doesn’t have the personality of a douche bag.


An army filled with former UMA and the UMA rejects. I don’t hate this army or anyone in this army. I respect this army.

Kevin: You have been my friend for years, and a damn great one. I am honored to have given you your first real owner spot in a major army, good luck in Golds.

WhatsUp11: Good friend, even if you’re a bandwagoner. Good luck in Golds.

Andrew24: Nothing good to say, so all I can say is good luck in Golds.

Watex Warriors

My best friend’s girl friend’s army.

Jessie: Good friend. You have been very kind to me and you took care of my dawg Mach for however long you did.


Bluesockwa1: I didn’t know you as well as I wished. We didn’t talk much, but when we did, we were constantly laughing. You are a pretty damn cool guy, other than your brother.

Samra: Didn’t like you at first, but you turned out to be an awesome friend.

Pain: I know you are disliked by many, but not me. We go way back and although we’ve clashed in the past, it doesn’t matter.

Mustapha10: At first, I hated you, probably only because you hated UMA, but you turned out to be cool.

Benjarkin: You dick.

Hurricanex1: I believe you’re a great leader, when you stick around.

If I have forgotten anyone, I’m sorry.

Retirement Song(s):






I may not have revolutionized this community, but I sure as hell have made an impact and proved my loyalty. Every last person I’ve befriended in this community, I thank, you’ve all helped me in some way and helped me by giving advise with my struggles.

– Lild, signing off, hopefully not for the last time.

7 Responses

  1. We will keep in touch via Xbox, hoping you come back some day.

  2. […] Leaving Family, Friends and Much More (Hopefully Temporarily) January 20, 2014 […]

  3. Lild, I hope I get to see you this summer or maybe even sooner. You aren’t just my friend, or best friend, or even breast friend, you are my bro. Enjoy your time off from armies and relax as much as you can. If you are lucky, you can resist the powerful urge of cp armies, (sry if this is greedy) but I hope not *shifty*.

  4. Hey lild, you’re one cool ass guy haha you always know how to make me laugh no matter what, the thing that makes me like you the most is the fact that you’ve stuck by mach no matter what the situation, I’ve never seen a bro-like relationship like you and mach in armies before, yeah you guys might’ve had your arguments and disagreements now and then but even that can’t break you two apart. Thanks for making me laugh all the damn time, you’re one hell of a cutie and thanks for always being there for mach, you and mach are the only two people I truly love in uma at the moment. I hope you could’ve stayed with mach a bit longer but I guess things irl just came up right? Haha, I hope everything goes fine for you in life! Don’t do anything stupid or I’ll come to Compton and whoop your ass myself :@:@:@!!! I’ll always remember that song too whats it called the straight outta Compton I think yeaaaaaahhh thats OUR SONG HAHA! Man, I’ll never forget about you lild you are one heck of a friend. Stay cool, don’t get hurt, have a good rest of your life, tell your brother I said hes a cool guy, I’ll miss ya’ bud :((

  5. Lild, I do understand why you have to leave. You’ve been successful as a UMA leader, no doubt. You’ve been a good friend, and i’ll miss you. I wish we could have led longer together, our brief stint together last summer had potential if we were all active, but that’s the past. Keep in contact!

  6. Yeah, we needed to talk more than we did, but you were a cool guy and you did great with UMA. Good luck in life man.


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