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Rocky on a tiny break.

Hello UMA,

There has been some problems with me as you all know I live in India, but I still have somehow managed to be so good that I am a UMA leader today. Last 4-5 days have turned out to be disaster for me because as you all know that I stay awake from 12-4 am to attend events etc. And I DO NOT do it to force myself, I do it cause I know I love doing it and it helps others also my sleeping pattern since last 6-7 months has been like this because I am more of a nerd who keeps doing homework and playing games the entire night and that is also because I am at the perfect age according to my age 5-6 hours is required for me and I do get that properly since my school is at 9 am and I sleep by 3-3:30 am only in rare cases when I have soccer practice I sleep at 1-2 am sorry for informing you about my timezone because my tiny break is due to my timezone now days I feel sleepy at 9-10 pm and that is making a issue for me cause I am unable to open my eyes after 12 am either I pass out on my computer table and find myself awake at 7 am or something weird happens so I got really confused and I talked to Wg, of what I could do he suggested me to a do thing in which I am not interested at all, that was to take a tiny break. The reason I talked to Wg was because I know no one deserves to stay as leader when they cant actually do the job, every rank in UMA is fun the concept of cp armies is to have fun and that I have everyday in UMA but I do realize that once you are a leader you need to be more serious instead of having fun so I found this issue very serious because people like berat and everyone has expectations from me and I love to fulfill their expectations but I do not want to create a impression that after working hard I just go on a break to sleep, NO that is not who I am I just wanted to make this much clear.

So I made a decision after talking to Wg who cares so much for me ❤

that I will go on a tiny break of 3-8 days to again turn my sleeping pattern to normal that means a pattern which is healthy for me and which will work for me to attend events and do everything but I will come on all Ausia times and even at UK times I only need to work to stay up till USA times and I will be normal.

Also to anyone reading this post please do not think that this all is chore for me, its not because I do not know how many people these days realize that cp armies are not a place where u force yourself to do something you do not want to do, this place is fun for me, it teaches me a lot and I am proud I do all this for my loved club penguin UMA army and I hope you all think the same way that attending events and recruiting are not suppose to count as chore at all. If they do count as a chore for you then what is the point of even joining a cp army.

– Rocky

(Do good guys).


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