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Hello UMA, Rocky here HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

WE UMA have proved the world to all who said we will die only one month ago, are right now begging us to be unbanned and rejoin because everyone now has realized UMA is better then before and this is only the starting the whole year of 2014 is to come with success, our first event yes our first event in 2014 has come to us with a size of 30+ maybe this is a signal that 2014 is the golden UMA year, as joe told me last time when we got 16+ that “This was the size when I was leading got us to 40+”  and yes this time we are re-writing history we UMA are stronger then before and anyone who insulted us, who said we suck look where we are in only 1 month and look where are you now! to all who quit UMA 1 month ago saying it will reach nowhere what do you have to say now? and to all who stayed and worked every day to bring this day back you all are true UMA soldiers hats off to everyone who worked for this day UMA IS BACK TO HIT THE TOP TEN LIKE A LIGHTNING AND IT IS BETTER THEN BEFORE. 


Following the very successful Monday event, UMA had one goal and only one goal, make our average size of the week in the 20-25 mark, and that my friends, we have done. After all we’ve been through, we’ve proven we have the potential to rise back to prominence.

Lild’s Edit: Great job UMA, now it looks like we’re one step closer to the top spot. YOU CAN DO IT!


Average: 25-27 Max: 30-31

Great job I thank you all for working so hard owners/mods/members we all have worked for this. Happy new year to UMA! Congratz. (Wg we gave you our word, until we all are alive UMA is going to live forever). – UMA Leaders __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now on for the scheduled events: Hello, UMA, it’s Lild! Today has been the best day of events UMA has had in months, maxing 31 and averaging 27 at one event and maxing 25 and averaging 22 at the next. Now, as we all know, this week was “do or die”, meaning if UMA didn’t make it in the top 10, well let’s just say, it wouldn’t be something you’d like to be on chat to witness. Now, we have pushed UMA to the limit and found the new trio of leaders and new set of owners has proven to be successful! Many changes have been made and now UMA would like to welcome the 6 CP RECRUITS, yes, I said, CLUB PENGUIN RECRUITS, into UMA. Now, to get on with it, here are the pictures

Average: 22

Max: 25

UMA with 22 performing a “joke line”.

22 UMA at the Ice Berg

All in all, great day for UMA, especially since we didn’t have Wg on today to hold our hands! Expect major rewards by the end of the week! ~Lild and the UMA Owner Staff

6 Responses

  1. It really makes me happy to see someone new, making a new Uma, and doing things slowly. Rocky, fantastic job. You’re gonna be a legend someday for Uma. Excellent job Uma!

  2. I was there (at the beginning of event)

  3. Hi, the whole thing is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s really fine, keep up writing.


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