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New Year, New Beginnings

As 2013 fades away and 2014 is upon us, things in the UMA are changing, and for the better as it seems.

Hello great people of the UMA, it is me, Lild. I am here posting today because Wg and I have been talking and I feel it is right for us to change and tweak a few things. Now, I have told Wg about some rules and things we can add/change, and I would publish them but I am not sure if Wg approves or not. Anyways, that is not the slightest bit important. First of all, I hope you are enjoying time with you family and friends, and hope you had a Merry Christmas, sorry, Notrumas and a Happy New Year. As 2013 is fading away and 2014 upon us, I feel it is time that we start to fix things up. Before Wg, Daniel, me and many other retires possibly August 1st, 2014, we are going to do WHATEVER it takes to get UMA to first. Why is this so important? It is very important because believe it or not, in our near 8 year life span, UMA has never been first, and that is something that is about to change. Now, on to the main topic at hand. For the past two days, I have been going around and fixing our relationships with many armies that we’ve had conflicts with in the past, and that my friends, has been very successful. As of now, we have fixed our relations with the Ice Warriors, not like in 2011, when the Nachos, UMA and IW were the modern day NDA, but close. Also, after the tension and pressure over the past month with the Dark Warriors, that is over and we have become closer to them each day since then. The last two that I am extremely proud about is ACP and DCP. As we know for many years, these two armies were a thorn to our side, vice versa, and today, that changes. ACP is now considered one of our closest allies (AR ahead of them) and DCP, although not close allies, we have managed to patch things up and become closer by the minute. I would like to thank Bears, Musta, Flipmoo and Sercan and Spi and Freezie for listening to what I had to say and agreeing to our proposition. 2014 is a year of success, and is going to be UMA’s year, nothing can get in the way with our goal.




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