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UMA Awards – Results

Hello UMA

Here are the results of the UMA awards, 2013.

Winner of best Tag-Team Leadership 2013: Wgfv and Daniel with 14 votes 

In second place: Rocky and Berat, with 8 votes.

Best Leader 2013: Daniel with 16 votes

Second place: Rocky with 11 votes

Worst Leader 2013: Both Benjarkin and Redd; with 8 votes.

Second place: Alfy3

Biggest Perv: Mach

Second place: Lild

Funniest UMA: Daniel

Second place: Mach

>mfw berat with 0 votes

Best Premier: Wgfv

Second place: Wgfv

Best War: UMA vs ACP

Second place: RF

And now, for my personal award.


First place: Redd

Congratulations Redd, you will now be refereed to as peon.

Second Place: Coolster

That just about wraps up this years Awards; we look forward to seeing you next year. Thanks


Rocky’s 2nd place winning speech:

I cant believe it, this was my first year in UMA, I never even could have dreamed of being leader so fast but as time passed I did become more and more responsible to finally be a leader and this could never have happened without you all loving me, people like Aaron and Berat who got me to join and trusted me and gave me the 3ic rank to start my career, and then people like Daniel (Eyes) who made me who I am and finally Wg the person whom without me or UMA would never exist and then there is the whole UMA nation who has always loved from the start to today in these UMA national awards I was so damn happy when I saw my name in the polls I was wishing to get 1-2 votes since I was nominated in these huge awards, but wow I finished 2nd and that is more then too much I just really want to thank all of you soo much and I just want to let all of you know the biggest award for me is that I am a UMA soldier.

Thank you all, and I hope as time passes by till next year I will do much better work for my loved army.


3 Responses

  1. Bullcrap.
    Rocky was clearly best leader lol not only UMA but I guess in the whole CPAC Rocky is the most hard working person but i be sure u people do some cheating to make yourself people win.

    • Thanks for liking me soo much lmcaon,
      but you know it really isnt about winning or losing, we UMA are one as a team we dont compete to beat each other, we work together and we compete to beat other armies, so please dont bring topics like these which can create internal problems in our army, and no one here “Cheats” cause we are a team and we wont cheat to make one of us better then the other. I appreciate your love for me but it can be expressed in a much much much better manner, I am really disappointed the way you wrote your comment :/

    • Eyes, you cheated. You hacked the funniest poll 😮

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