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Rebuilding our State

Hello UMA

I’m going to give you all a quick rundown on what has been going on for the past few days. This post should have been posted yesterday, but I’ve been busy.

Okay so I am sure you are all aware of Lord Pain receiving leadership yesterday in an effort to boost our sizes. I’ll tell you now, I was wrong to hire Pain as leader, and I apologize in advance for not consulting people before I did it. I know that UMA has been in the ditch for some time now and I haven’t been there like I should be, and once more I apologize.

I decided to hire Pain for a few reasons, I felt that we were unfair during the last time he was the leader here at UMA, which later I was proven wrong. Let me just address something, Derek summed this up perfectly. Whenever Pain gets leader, people complain and whine as if it’s the end of UMA. When he gets chopped up and put in the trash they complain and say things such as “OMG PAIN HELPED UMA RISE!!1″

But we have come up with a plan; a plan that systematically changes the course of UMA’s current path, we can forge ahead and ascend up the snakes and ladders. Yes I said snakes and ladders, it makes things much more mirthful in terms of us climbing back up. Can you just image how amazing that would be? Climbing up a snake whilst we are kicking Redd with our size 10 boot?

So do you want to know how we are going to rebuild? We are going to work for it. I know I babble on too much about the summer leadership and how we managed to get second on CPAC, but answer me this. Did we ever get first on CPAC? Did we get that far? No. Now it’s time that we pull our pinky finger out of our asses and actually work for it.

I know UMA can do it. If RPF can, UMA can. The pain was right on a few things when he said that UMA need to pull together and work as a team. I know we can do it, UMA.

Some people say UMA is beyond repair, they are wrong.
UMA has been just rusty, it needs to glimmer like we did previously.

I’m expecting everybody to pitch in and work.

9 Responses

  1. Nice post,
    you are completely right that we do need to work our way up hard and yes this time we will get to the 1st spot, about pain I think I am not like that you will whine if pain gets leader but I am pretty sure to know this that I dont like him and I think he does not deserve to be in UMA because he insults wg being gay and calls himself better then everyone, he a leader says he dint want to work his way up and he told me he is a god he gets what he asks for, so thats why I am completely against pain he maybe having good leadership skills but overall he is pathetic.

  2. Let’s rebuild.

  3. Daniel and Wg are saviours.

  4. But I like my pinky in my ass. ):

  5. I’ll try but it depends on if i’m doing anything.

  6. And I mean about the events by the way. ^^^

  7. I say, old chap, Daniel really loves to tickle my belly.

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