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ohai. (Spiff returns)

Did’nt expect me did ya there? well I’m back,I have no idea why im still on the site, but I’m back  ad I’m thankfull for it. I have not actually TOLD anyone Im back, so this will be the general “hello”. Rehab is over, and now I can relax a bit, but now I have other things to worry about, mostly being a possible canidate for Wilsons disease, thanks to my pain meds, if I have it, I have to get treated regularly and I cant eat chocolate. If I do I die in the next year or so. xD Anyways, I also have been forced to make my laptop, (which I am on right now because no-one is home) a family computer, and as such, people are on it constantly. -.- So I have to use my tablet. It runs xat but idk about CP. Its going through another shitty ass update. Anyways, I will be on chat alot more. But I have to warn you guys (Mostly the owners) that I could be gone at a drop of the hat, and If I am, it would be because something bad is going to happen. I understand thanks to Lord Peni-I mean lord Pain that new shit and policies have been created. Well this  is the only army I wanna work in, as all my other friends have retired. But I have to be frank with you guys, IF my tablet works, and IF I can get on CP, then I will. But because of these new developments, I cant guarantee the active and dedication required of a owner. I can guarantee that you guys will have my full attention; no other armies or anything. If I’m getting online, its to hang out with you guys and patrol servers. Anyways, Im back, for the best or worst, Ponk mafias is back, baby! : P


One Response

  1. Spiff, you are back :’)


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