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The future is here Rockyiceman1 new leader.

Hello UMA,

I Rockyiceman1, one of the most loved soldiers by owners,leaders,members,mods always called as the future of UMA. Ever since I joined in the summer because on the very first day when I joined UMA the first thing I learned was what the word “Loyalty” means from the great UMA legend Daniel (Eyes) he taught me what the word loyalty means and when I learned these things I never called it as stress because I knew that I joined a CP army, and I enjoyed every bit of events,recruiting, being active and I had fun I wanted to do it I believe I was made to be a UMA soldier and so being an Indian living in India I have done my job because the word “Loyal” for me means fun its not stress and it never will be ever since that first day I stepped into UMA Aaron,berat and a few owners asked me to join, Aaron former UMA owner wanted me as 3ic and so when I checked my name on ranks I was a 3ic mod and that day I realized that this army loves me so I must love it back I had quit my own created CPAC 11th army for UMA, ranks were never a problem for me I stayed as 3ic for months I never even waited to get promoted because all I wanted was to be a UMA soldier either member,mod or owner and I still say that to everyone. I have learned good things from UMA legends,leaders,owners and now I will pass my learning to everyone in UMA, today I was promoted to Leader by Berat as he stated UMA is in a crisis condition. He and many have said its time for me to step up as leader and so Berat promoted me to the highest rank I today am the leader of UMA and I am happy I know I have got a lot of responsibility now and I will prove it to cp army community UMA is very strong, sadly since a long time I have not met WG and I hesitated when Berat told me I am being promoted to leader I asked him if he talked about this with WG, unfortunately he did not talk to WG yet, and as I say ranks dont matter for me I will serve UMA the very best as leader or member so if WG thinks its not yet time for me to bring a new generation in UMA then I would step down.

I Rockyiceman1 is now the UMA and UMA Ausia Leader, I promise to my community I will make UMA so strong, that it will shut down all haters and enemies I also promise during my Leadership If I dont get UMA 1st on CPAC, then I will consider myself as a loser, and my dedication is very high so this is a promise UMA will be 1st on CPAC one day if not then I will be considered as a loser.

Also lately it was announced that dictatorship has ended in UMA, and democracy has been formed so we did elections and unfortunately WG has not been on yet to announce the results but I saw a lot of people telling me on chat they voted me for leader so I hope you all are happy as you wanted me as leader but the ones who were voted will be given their deserving rank since I have promise to all of you I will keep every soldier very happy.

Since we are now democratic and I am the new leader I am going to do polls on what you soldiers want, basically I am bringing the future to UMA, we are now in our future generation the past has gone and now its time for a bright future.

Somethings I have finalized as leader which I will work on:

  • New policy’s,rules
  • Monthly promotions (based on soldiers work)
  • Every page will be updated and not incomplete
  • Soldiers will be given comfort, no Ausia soldier will be forced to attend USA events, basically it will be a new project I will work on later
  • Monthly polls on what soldiers want
  • A set of new soldiers, since UMA has lost 90% of its soldiers I will be working to recruit a new squad of soldiers will be the part of the new generation
  • Youtube channel
  • A lot of exciting surprise plans.

the rest elections etc, will also keep going on as now were democratic.

Special thanks to all UMA soldiers,legends for giving me this opportunity to be what I am today.

^ Berat, Wg, Rocky

– Rockyiceman1

6 Responses

  1. I will not be active this week; my family is going on vacation and my access to Internet will be little to none. I’ll come on chat as soon as I get back

  2. Advance UMA.

  3. I am sorry I have not been active it just that first I was ill then it was my mums birthday and anniversary so I tried to be as active as I can but since that is over ill be active a lot more

  4. “The future of UMA” Congrats Rocky.


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