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Lord Pain’s Reform

Greetings UMA,

I had to cancel 2 events this week so far and I recruited a  few new people here and there so the day wouldn’t be completely wasted away. Owners are being inactive, and owners are needed online everyday so that recruiting can be effective. If recruiting is left up to only  few people on chat then for every recruit that comes to chat there must be a person available to help the new troop with questions and joining. If troops don’t understand what is going on they simply leave and thats the problem. Owners need to be here so that we can keep troops on chat and we can keep the chat size going so the event can be successful. From this point forward the following policies are going into order. If owners can not meet these requirements they will be demoted/fired.

New Policies:

  1. All owners must be online EVERYDAY to check in on the army at some point even during days when they can not be online for the event.
  2. In order for an owner to be excused from chat, he must post on the site why he/she can not be on chat or at the event with a 1 paragraph description.
  3. Owners must be online to recruit ONE HOUR before ALL events.
  4. Owners can only miss a maximum of 2 events per week including unscheduled events, because they should be on chat and available at any given time unless excused.
  5. ALL owners must recruit, no exceptions, no excuses.
  6. Owners as well as leaders must add ALL troops to their friends lists. If you see a troop disappear from chat, click on them and see if they are still online. If they are, get them back on chat, if they refuse inform a leader. If you are a leader, threaten to demote the troop. If they do not obey, that troop is to be demoted.
  7. All UMA must be on UMA chat when on xat.
  8. All UMA must check the site daily.


Furthermore during times when ALL leaders are available are our strong points. Eyes is going to be available during the weekends for the majority. We are going to start scheduling more events during our strong points. If we continue to have issues leader changes will need to be made any leaders who are not contributing should step downWe need to start seriously seeking recruiters for UMA. More than just me Eyes, and Ares are needed. Any recruiters interested in UMA should step forward now. There will be a leader/owner meeting to discuss further issues and their possible solutions.

Owner/Leader Meeting

Wednesday, December 4th

1:30pm PST

2:30pm MST

3:30pm CST

4:30pm EST

9:30pm UK

6 Responses

  1. This will be stressful for the owners

  2. I can folliw all policies but one. I have to miss a few as Im Uk. Surely I can be excused. Cant make owner meeting too

  3. Actually, I quit/retire UMA. This new policy is hard as I cannot come to most events. Give the job to someone who actually can make events.
    Im sorry

  4. I have been following this policy always, and I vow to continue forever. But being a Indian and living in India it is extremely difficult for me to be available after 3:30 PST since it is late mid-night here and I have school, I am in the soccer team so I have to go at 6:30 am for practice and 3:30 PST for me means 4 AM so its hard for me to manage but still I do it and I will always cause I care for my army I just wanted to inform about this if you dint know so please understand and I hope you dont mind if I dont stay on chat after 3:30 PST because I just explained. And also I am on chat everyday more then 4 hours, as I said I vow to follow this policy always because attending events, recruiting is not pain for me its fun and I hope everyone works the best they can for UMA I love working for UMA and so I always will I thank you for making this policy as it will increase loyalty in owners. LONG LIVE UMA.

  5. http://prntscr.com/28td6c

    Gobby sends his regards, Lord Pain


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