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UMA = Successful [ Promotions ]

We won the battle against WN.  Both acknowledged our victory. Link your pictures in a comment if you took any! Either way, we beat the Water Ninjas. Here are the pictures that I gathered.


UMA vs. WN1

UMA vs. WN2

UMA vs. WN3

UMA vs. WN4

UMA vs. WN5

UMA vs. WN6

UMA vs. WN7

UMA vs. WN8

UMA vs. WN9

UMA vs. WN10

On a sidenote, I would like to add even though we beat Water Ninjas by a considerable margin, we must return back to our drawing board and keep up with our tedious but worthwhile recruiting. We have no time for shenanigans and I expect everyone on active duty to participate. Now I would like to say something else that is different, before this battle was planned myself as well as the other leaders promised the whole of the army promotions if we beat the Water Ninjas, this goes towards the fact that UMA haven’t had promotions in years and I thought that it should contribute to something.

Anyways, I apologize in advanced if they are years-late, but here are the promotions that we promised you all. Make sure that you comment or else you won’t be able to receive a promotion.

Xat Chat Name:

CP name:


Did you make the battle?:

Xat Chat Name: Daniel

CP name: Eyes521

Rank: Leader

Did you make the battle?: Yes.

If I see comments begging for promotions by people who like to constantly-whine then you will be dismissed for the sole reason that you probably attended one event. Or pointing towards that you lack a high pitched sycophancy.




~Lord Pain & Daniel, UMA Leaders

13 Responses

  1. All i have to say is lets try to keep up the good work uMa!

  2. We did epic

  3. Kaiser Wgheim III would like to be promoted to Super Kaiser Wgheim III.

  4. xat chat name ninja leo 2 uma / eoin4321 uma
    cp name eoin4321
    rank mod
    did you make the battle? yes

  5. Xat chat name:haydenplaysminecraft
    Cp name:haydenjames6
    Did you make it to the battle:yes

  6. Louisviking1 (UMA) louisviking1 rank colonel yes

  7. Xat Chat Name: RockStar

    CP name: LongWay1

    Rank: 4 ic

    Did you make the battle?: No because I had to go shopping with Mom. But I recruited for 6 hours for it and I think I deserve a promotion which would be 3 ic.

  8. Brigade3

    not expecting promo though

  9. Xat Chat Name: Ker
    CP name: Kerouaz
    Rank: Colonel
    Did you make the battle?: Yep

  10. Viper

  11. I came, we did extremely well.

  12. (mgp)Louisviking1_(uma)_(Lieutenant_Colonel)

  13. Xat Chat Name: Rockyiceman1

    CP name: Rockyiceman1

    Rank: Field Commander (2ic) and Ausia leader.

    Did you make the battle?: Yes

    I definitely don’t need a promo, but just informing I came and great job all UMA soldiers and remember one win does not make us the winner we still have a full tournament to fight so please give your best in this one and stand together as a team to proudly fight under the UMA banner.


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