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Wgfv’s Response

Redd Edit: WG I don’t care what you believe or who you are as a person. I love having you around and I think you are a great person. You have accomplished more than many of those who make fun of you for your sexuality. They are just upset that a Gay person beat them in something. Love ya Weegee ❤

Update: DW’s counter to this:


About a week ago at school I was eating lunch with my friends. We were talking about how our physics teacher is a complete tool. So I put down my sandwich and said “Oh yeah, he’s gay.” My friends all smirked and said “well you ARE the expert.”

I think that I am known as a pretty easy-going person. When I come on chat I don’t mind the occasional gay joke. However, there comes a time when it stops being a joke; there comes a time when certain boundaries are crossed. Today was that today.

In the past 24 hours the UMA and DW have been fighting almost constantly. Like I said, I can take a joke about being gay but when I see things like this:

it becomes less and less funny. I was of course a little hurt but I did not really think they meant it– until I went to their chat. When I got there I got comments like this:

That was my greeting after I left and went to ACP chat.

I am frankly astounded and mortified that someone actually told me to go die. DW- You claim that I am just acting innocent. I am not. I am sincerely hurt by your comments. It is comments like this that has led so many gay teenagers to kill themselves.

More often than not I get private chats on xat from people are being bullied for being gay. You would be shocked at the number of people who are gay in this community. It is so incredibly easy to attack someone behind a keyboard, being absolutely faceless.

I am begging you to stop these comments and memes at once. They are not funny, they are hurtful. For someone to attack me personally for something that I myself can not control is just about the most despicable thing I can think of.

To UMA: I ask you not to retaliate. Do not engage in this flame war and please ignore DW. They are just jealous of our fabulousness.  


One Response

  1. […] related to UMA have been posted on DW’s site and, although Wgfv says in a response post (found here) he was not too bothered by this, he has also been told to ‘go die’. After begging DW to stop […]


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