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The UMA Rebuilding Project 2.0


A little over five years ago in October of 2008, Shadow2446 became UMA’s first advisor and designed Therinator1’s cornerstone plan for his time as leader. The plan was called the UMA Rebuilding Project.

The project excelled more than anyone could have ever hoped for. Now, we find ourselves in  the pit of despair once again.

The UMA has in its nearly seven years of existence never been ranked number one since its creator left. It has had eras of unimaginable success but, they are never really lasting. In June, I came back with the intention of not only getting UMA’s activity up; but to also restore our stability. For years we have hired owners and moderators from other armies to bolster our sizes. Coincidentally, UMA has had more leaders than the current top three armies combined.

For these reasons, I have decided to create a modernized version of the Shadow’s original plan. The chief goal of the UMA Rebuilding Project 2.0 will be to establish a new system of how leaders come to power in the UMAThis plan is designed to create a steady flow of soldiers that become trained while in the UMA and eventually become leaders.

The UMA Rebuilding Project 2.0

  • A complete overhaul of the ranking system.
    • To achieve this–  An active count must be done
  • Capping the number of owners and moderators.
  • Each Sunday the site staff will produce a “Five Day Plan”.
    • Five Day Plans will consist of dates times for all events.
  • Promotion days will be reinstated and happen the first day of every month (beginning December 1st).
  • A set of precepts or rules that will be added to the nations page.
  • Graphics and page overhauls.
  • Ill-legalization of military coups.

There are no expectable limits of this army.


A special thank you to Viper and Sarge for helping develop this plan. Could not have done it without you guys. Also, thank you Eyes for reviewing the original rough draft. 


5 Responses

  1. I hope this plan will last.

  2. This plan will last.
    And we will re-build UMA, Great plan leaders I will make sure everyone follows this and we will be the best again. – UMA FOREVER

  3. Hopefully you find Shadow2446 Jr so this can work.


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