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Before UMA screws itself over with yet another dumb decision, I might as well suggest an idea. Due to the fact that there is unstable leadership in UMA and there has been over fifty leaders, ever thought of having an election for ownership ranks? It might sound corny, but it will work. The candidates will write a summary about what they will do for UMA and why they are even in UMA themselves.

UMA has to have a stable leadership. This army hasn’t even seen a stable leadership for the matter of years and this has honestly got to stop. Your all starting  a rebellion for what? What the hell are you trying to prove. All of you guys are UMA here. Fight Together, not against eachother.

If your saying to yourselves, who the hell is this guy? Well I’m Coff ,your newest advisor. I’m only here to suggest decisions for the Underground Mafias Army and make sure nobody makes a dumb decision like having RPF merge into UMA. Thats a contradiction of history and that can never work.

If you wan’t UMA to actually be an active army, don’t be handing out moderator/owner on the chat. At this moment, nobody should give a damn about the legends of UMA getting a moderator/owner because the history of this army is so messed up, you have at least fifty legends with twenty active in armies. Free up space in the moderator position, find soldiers that will be only loyal to UMA and maybe another army, but that is kind of risky.

That is just an idea you can dwell on.

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