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hey hoooo show me those toes

Good morning to all soldiers, virgins, and CPAers alike. Earlier today the Eastern Hancock Crew was informed of a sorry invasion of the glorious server Mittens. Naturally without a moment to spare a defensive coalition was formed to stop these disgusting barbarians from wrecking our home and stealing our women. We successfully reclaimed Mittens and have formed it into a prosperous society with plenty of food and funko pops.

After much demand from the EH Council/Crew UMA will be aiming to participate in this upcoming Legends Cup, so naturally I have awaken from my slumber to make their wishes come true. Our religious Icon is none other than Ehroyals and our brilliant commanders will be Zamb and Dino as well as myself.

I promise you one thing, I will absolutely not try at all and I don’t plan on doing literally anything besides taunting you and continuing my efforts to make fun of literally everyone. This happening for one reason and one reason alone to either participate and win the Legends Cup, or prevent ACP from winning it.

-Kim Jong-Uma

Dictator for life or something

A Final Bid

Addressed to the UMA Nation,

      I was intending on departing for good back in June when I resigned as UM lead premier and dipped. Personally? I’m glad I dipped. This community is a literal cesspool ─ a cancer. I don’t why someone wishes to unironically spend time here anymore. 2020 was the last good year of CPA, and even then CPA really died in 2017. I’m glad to spend time in 2015 while I was able to.

However, Zamb and Bam contacted me about seriously taking up the legends cup reunion idea I proposed in May. It was a shock. Why bother with this year’s shitty gay ass legends cup? However, since Zamb wants to formally end his CPA career on his note and dip like me, I thought it was only right to accompany him. After all, the more people who retire from this community, the better. Plus, why not raise hell again like last year?

I have returned under certain conditions, however:

  1. The Underground Mafias will shut down completely after legends cup. I will either glass it off and turn it into an archive, or I’ll permit Aaron run an UMA CPPS hangout (albeit everything is completely revamped).
  2. No taking things serious. Fuck taking this shit too serious nowadays. CPA died in my opinion leisure wise. We shouldn’t be prudent about this genre of a dead online children’s’ MMORPG anymore. We already saw what happened to Red Winter, anyways.
  3. No other things are happening. No foreign affairs, no serious and long-term planning, etc. This is only for legends cup. We should only focus on the tournament battles (and maybe trainings before if needed). After we win or lose legends cup, UMA shuts once more. No wars, too.
  4. We have some fun. Give no fucks, entertain chaos only. The only “fun” is the discord (not the platform) that comes with being an underdog.
  5. After this, I will formally retire practically forever, and return to dipping. I am only leading on a throwaway alt for this, not my new main account. I refuse to go balls deep into CPA again, as I enjoy not being apart of this community and I relish being restrained from it.
  6. UMA culture is restored. No more fake ass snowflakery. I think if we aren’t UMA culturally wise, we are just like RPF, ACP, or DCP. UMA and Nachos are unique for a reason, keep it that way.
  7. The other members of the Underground Mafias administration will begin their transition away from CPA after this tournament.

That being said, I formally announce my temporary return to the top job. I will usurp the responsibility, and will lead with Zamb to a successful tournament. To the community: You are being put on notice. Be ready to rumble this tournament.



Izuno come back, I’m sorry

Doritos of Club Penguin

Izuno come back I’m sorry… I miss you, my boys miss you my dad even misses you. Sorry for what I did (I’m plastered right now so like come on give me a handicap) but whatever I did wrong was wrong. Come on lets go back to the old days when you and I would play softball and chess together girllll.


okay anyways I’m not sure what I did but…..

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

pls forgive

-Bam117 (DCP Legend/Co Creator)

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the song is God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash for those who cant SEE IT.


-Aaronstone UMA Legend

-Dinorewrited UMA Great Mafias

Letter of Resignation

Effectively immediately I submit my resignation as Premier

Lol I’ll write a belated retirement post in the future. Just know that I’ve been busy with school and all. Aaron is trusted as the lead premier now.

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UMA2021 reunion


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