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Closure Of The UMA

Before I begin, I must confess that this is the culmination of my knowledge of the state of UMA thus far; therefore, my ideas, philosophies and opinions may be flawed. I do hold my claims with much pride, for I have taken a great deal of thought into these ideas. I do not protest to the fact that I am naive, ignorant, flawed, wrong or young. However, I do believe everyone is a little of all those mentioned when concerned with the state of the UMA. I do my best to not be supercilious, though when writing to oneself; it can tend to slip by. With all this said, may I now embark on my first and final post on the Underground Mafias Army, our home, our sanction – and most of all – one of the oldest and sacred armies left in this community.

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we won the war

Greeting Underground Mafias Army soldiers, we officially won the war after 5 glorious years (since 2017). This major break-through is attributed to our loyal and true Mafias soldier, Venom, who smited the RPF with his flip resets on rocket league.

We have lost many good souls of the Underground Mafias Army during this campaign, may we take a moment of silence for these fallen souls, for they now rest at peace, knowing that they have been avenged.

I present Venom a medal I made in like 2020 for his efforts:


Thank you for ending this bloody war Venom, you are a true UMA hero that is very good at rocket league.


Protected: Me on my way to Elps funeral after SPECTRE executes him for imprisoning me and Zamb

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The End of Edwards

INDIANAPOLIS, Edward’s Drive-In — Greetings, to those of whom are currently viewing this post. It has come to our attention that the beloved franchise known as Edwards Drive-In, a 60-year old restaurant that happens to be a historical site for the history of both UMACPR and Romans, will be closing their doors.

For some context, Edwards Drive-In is a restaurant in Indianapolis. The significance it holds to the history of UMACPR and Romans is rather large, as this is the restaurant where Dillon (Ehroyals81), was removed from the position of Legate in the Romans after a fierce argument (more so of a lecture, though this is to paint Dillon in a more authoritative light) with Dj. Such a fiasco led to the revival of UMACPR by Dillon and Zeke, which was previously shut down for the revival of the Romans, and these said events would cause a chain-reaction that would set up the political conditions of Club Penguin Armies as a whole for the beginning of 2018.

Though not all hope is lost, for Edwards Drive-In will continue their service via their food truck, though the experiences created in the Diner itself, will never be the same.

Article Link: https://www.indystar.com/story/life/food/2022/01/10/edwards-drive-in-indianapolis-sold/9149551002/


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Hall of Fame Announcements & Updates

As per many votes and discussions in the recent weeks UMA will be updating its current HOF and other awards page to include and update candidates that would otherwise not be recognized or seen after. Due to the circumstance some UMA Legends will not be named and others were not asked out of personal reasons.

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My Last Take

Good morning Underground Mafias and outsiders alike, I apologize for not being able to attend the final battle, as I was attending to more personal matters. I’d like to congratulate the Help Force for claiming victory, but if you haven’t read the last post, we would rather not partake in a matter involving the STAGNANT FOUR. I still fucking hate Ayan but hopefully, the tournament goes well for our opponents.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve come to this conclusion that I’m done with the community, but fortunately I was able to leave with no regrets (both this time and the previous time). Still, as I kept contact with select members and aim to leave Discord entirely in the upcoming future, I thought of sharing my two cents on the matters here. Why? If I don’t put out all my opinions, a pent-up obsession would be no good in leaving this place. After all, verbalizing you detest it here does no good aside from engendering a dependency on armies.

Throughout my tenure in the community, it was a short while, yet I’ve managed to see every part. My peak as an administrator in the light of the community couldn’t shine a light over my downfall, when I was equated to the community’s idea of ‘scum’. The ideas put forward represent an amalgamation in my philosophy towards armies, which were shaped through these experiences. As a nobody, as an administrator, as a leader, as the shunned, it was these naïve, distorted, emotional experiences that helped me experience the greatest extent of the community. The reward here wasn’t to become a legend or celebrated for my actions by the current victors, it was to meet the great people that inspired my life down the road past armies. 

Despite making a home in several armies, I’d like to give the warmest gratitude to the Underground Mafias. To have the opportunity to lead an army considered legendary is an honor, but the greatest prestige yet is being recognized as one of the people who’ve maintained the conservative ideals that represented what UMA historically stood for. Whether it was Pink Mafias’ last stand against the clovers, or the Crew versus the world, the Underground Mafias never surrendered. Our culture outlives the entirety of the community, and will continue to remain as the last bastion of recklessness. There’s a lot of people to give thanks to, but those I recognize especially are the friends and family I’ve made here. Especially Dino for bringing me into EHUMA. Initially, I was told to avoid it and that nothing good comes out of EHUMA, but the same can be said about the side I first stood with. Greatest thanks to Dan and Bam too for encouraging me to take up the leadership position in the absence of Cobra, who has also done as much as the names mentioned. Aaron came later on, but it was his ignorance of the present and attachment of the past that encouraged us to stand our ground against the individuals we vilified. In the end, our army has always had the last laugh and continued to thrive even in the era of idiocy. 

Considering the shortage of braincells the community has, who knows if absolutely everyone could even read this to the end. Whatever is written is not for the sake of being read, as an alternative it’s for me. I’d like to move on from my digital home that fueled my youth, one final time.

In no particular order, I present to you, the audience, my last take…

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Protected: Withdrawal From The Legends Cup XI Tournament

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Protected: A Final Bid

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